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How Marketing Differs on a B2C Site Compared to a B2B Site

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How Marketing Differs on a B2C Site Compared to a B2B Site Katherine Strait EBUS400 E-Business Peter Hiestand March 16, 2009 Comparison of B2B and B2C Businesses use a variety of creative marketing tactics in order to generate more sales and revenue within an organization. One of the main marketing tools is the use of a B2B or B2C website in order to promote and advertise products and services within the organization. This paper will analyze each of these types of websites and use particular examples to help understand and compare and contrast the similarities and differences between each of the two sites. The marketing on B2C sites is similar as well as different on quite a few counts as compared to B2C's marketing strategies. Let us first evaluate the strategies pursued by each of these categories of sites to popularize the sites presence on the web. Both B2C as well as B2B sites use search engine optimization tools to reach their respective target markets, be it a B2C site such as Amazon.com, Gap.com or B2B sites such as alibaba.com Although the target customers of each of these types of sites is different, the SEO techniques deployed by these two sites overlap each other. ...read more.


Therefore, the distinction between the characteristics of these two different types of customer segments has to be properly addressed by B2B and B2C sites. The navigation on a B2B site should consumer minimum time of the customer and should take him quickly to the desired part via simple, straightforward instructions. B2C visitors generally have more time to dig into the site and thus, need more elaborate information and instructions as compared to a B2B customer. Therefore, the differences in the approach in terms of navigating and guiding consumers on the site is addressed by B2C and B2B sites to make their portals more user friendly. B2B portals attempt to automate their processes, as transactions need to be speedy and efficient. Even though B2C gets more publicity, the volume of money transacted on B2B is much greater than B2C, primarily because B2B transactions are much larger. B2C sites focus on personalization and attempts to make a direct relationship with the clients, such as Amazon.com. B2C sites can be termed as more entertaining as compared to B2B websites. ...read more.


The marketing campaigns for a B2C site are more apprehensive with the operation, making sure they are shorter in length and can capture the customer's interest immediately. "Although the goal of B2B marketing is to convert prospects into customers, the process is longer and more involved. A B2B company needs to focus on relationship building and communication using marketing activities that generate leads that can be nurtured during the sales cycle," (marketingprof.com, 2008, p.4). B2B businesses use marketing to educate the various players in the target market because the ultimate decision to purchase involves more than one person and is a multi-step process. For example, the goal of an email campaign for B2B is to drive prospects to the web to learn about the organizations products and services. In conclusion, one will notice that B2B and B2C have a few similarities in the process and navigation of the site but many differences are apparent in the types of consumers that use each site and the way that they are run and marketed. Overall, each of these two types of websites is crucial to improving the success of any business and generating more sales and revenue for an organization. ...read more.

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