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information internel / external

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Unit 3 Information systems Define / explain the difference between internal and external functions within an organisation. Internal functions can have many definitions this I because there are many factors which relate to this topic. A company functions internally when it makes certain of its developments e.g. using its finance system for many different reasons such as: * Sales Operations * Human resources * Marketing purposes * Purchasing or Designing Without using external financial resources the organization may be unable to ensure Health & Safety at work and be able to pay VAT, tax and National Insurance. This meaning that a company will be breaking the law. Internal financing and external financing are both extremely important to the business, Even if internal financing is favoured by the company, internal financing can become harmful when it is used abusively. Its cost being zero, internal financing can encourage not very cost-effective investment projects. Internal functions include: * taking customer requests in account * dealing with customer complaints * working out the profitability of each product * producing sales targets for a product * dealing with expenses of sales staff * setting sales targets for individual members of staff External functions include: * Supplies from external companies * Government funding e.g. ...read more.


a fixed ending though it saves time to complete the system it also per-longs time as it has to keep being proof read to make sure its correct The Logical & Physical Data Models In your own words describe the difference between logical & physical data models? The logical data model is a business model and is known also as an 'entity relationship diagram' and how they relate to each other. It is similar to a mental map of an entity (describing a car from a group) each car would have attributes such as a name, year made and the registration. The logical diagram would also show some form of distinctive attribute or a group of traits called a primary key that will describe exactly one entry within the particular entity. A physical model is the 'map' from the logical model to the hardware. The developer must be able to understand and use the physical model, the physical model for the person should include implementation details. These details can be things like data types and restrictions etc. The Difference between these two is that the physical model describes each entity in detail and how the model should be implemented whilst the logical model the entities for the models and how they are related to each other. ...read more.


Being able to embed executable code in a web page introduces a vast range of exciting possibilities. Instead of being a passive presentation of text and graphics, a web page can be interactive in any way that you want. You can include animations, games, interactive transaction processing - the possibilities are almost unlimited. Java also allows you to write large-scale application programs that you can run on any computer with an operating system environment in which the language is supported. This applies to the majority of computers in use today. You can even write programs that will work both as ordinary applications and as applets. Java has matured immensely in recent years, particularly with the introduction of java 2. The breadth of function provided by the standard core java has grown incredibly. Java provides you with comprehensive facilities for building application with an interactive GUI, extensive image processing and graphics programming facilities, as well as support for accessing relational databases and communications with remote computers over a network. Release 1.4 of java added a very important additional capability, the ability to read and write XML. Just about any kind of application can now be programmed effectively in java, with the implicit plus of complete portability. ...read more.

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