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International Perspectives

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For the eyes and use of: Admiral Sir James Davis MC, OBE, PhD, Bsc Mi6 Chief Anyone else found in possession of this document without Proper clearance will be subject to full disciplinary measures. International Perspectives Assignment 3 Terrorism Russell Sheath The aim of this assignment is to identify terrorism and what it is, the methods that they use and the way governments combat it. 'The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence against people or property to coerce, or intimidate governments, or societies, often to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.' (www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/army/fm/100-20/10020gl.htm) What we know about Terrorists There are many various terrorist organisations scattered around the world, and their subsequent splinter cells, but the world's main threat to west is the global terrorism organisation Al-Qaeda They have cells all over the world including the UK, but because of their Islamic roots and beliefs they originated from the Middle East, and were believe to be founded by Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian business man who did not like the West's apparent increasing influence in the East mainly because of Oil. At this current moment in time Al-Qaeda is known to be mainly based in the Middle East in such countries as Uzbekistan, Yemen, Waziristan and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan they are harboured by the Taliban, this is the reason for the War on Terror now being fought in the region in the aftermath of 9/11. ...read more.


the War on Terror the American and British Navy's and Air Forces used precision munitions drop by planes and fired by ships to damage and destroy Al-Qaeda terrorist training camps in the areas of Northern Pakistan and Southern Afghanistan. This was in an attempt to flush out leader of Al - Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden who was believed to be hiding within a network of tunnels, but to also weaken the apparent strike capability of the terrorist group. While other attempts at home include holding terror suspects for periods of time while under questioning within police stations while search warrants are carried out on their homes. Alongside armed response home and abroad many other methods can be used to combat terrorism. The first one is freezing financial assets, terrorism relies on funds being available for terrorists to use to sponsor their activities but if their funds are frozen by their governments then their activity will decrease. A second method is hearts and minds, a term that has become attached to the Middle Eastern War on Terror, this involves engaging with people and offering them something better that will support them better than participating in terrorist activity, an example of this is in Afghanistan where the USAF forces are helping the Afghan people to build their economy, public services and infrastructure, which the previous rulers, the Taliban, didn't. The Effectiveness of the Counter Terrorist units The effectiveness of these units all over the world has been proved time and time ...read more.


To combat these types of attacks security forces are employed to protect officials and to watch over the area while they move through it. Also surveillance is used to watch the movements of extremists who oppose the certain VIP. The best thing to do is put all involved on a heightened state of vigilance and alert. Suicide Attacks These attacks have been most common in the Middle East with Muslim extremists targeting other Muslim faiths or with VBIED's at vehicle checkpoints. Al - Qaeda have used this type of Attack against the U.S on September the 11th 2001 and the UK on 7th July 2007. They have also attacked Spain, Egypt and Bali with these methods. The explosives can be contained within a rucksack like on the 7/7 attacks or on an explosive rig strapped to their chest. To combat this type of attack is difficult as the perpetrators look like any other person but have explosives attached to them, they can strike any place anytime. The security organisations around the world have had to increase surveillance on terror suspects. They know have more stringent checks at security points at airports. The can monitor these individuals by monitoring their movements, phone calls, finances and interaction with certain groups, if an individual is suspected of terrorism then things like the freezing of finances can be put into place to prevent them taking action. They can also be arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 and questioned on their activities. James Griffin ...read more.

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