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Leisure Studies- Unit 5- A02

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Unit 5- AO2 An Investigation into Leisure Facilities in Bishop's Stortford This assignment allows me to look at the different leisure facilities in my local area of Bishop's Stortford and investigate into the different life stages, trends and different activities that take place in these places. Socio- Economic Groups A socio- economic group refers to the hierarchical distinctions (or stratification) between individuals or groups in societies or cultures. This basically means that there is a pecking order in society between different types of people and there are certain people that are more likely to do certain things than others because of reasons that could include financial reasons or domestic reasons. There are eight main socio- economic groups that most people can be classified in and these are: * A- Upper/ middle class (which would include people in high paying jobs like doctors and lawyers)- �80,000 * B- Middle class (which would include people like Managers/ directions)- �40,000+ * C1- Lower middle class (which would include people like Managers and Supervisors)- �20,000- �40,000 * C2- Skilled Working Class (these types of people would be working in places like factories) * D- Unskilled working class (these people could also be working in factories but often find themselves in the most underpaid jobs) * E- Subsistence- ( this would be people that are retired, students and the unemployed so the people that are not working at all) Life Stages There are 10 types of life stages that people can be in. A majority of people go through many of the different life stages throughout the period of their life. The life stages are all different and every person can be classified into a group because they cover every type of person. There are 10 main types of life stages and all people can be classified into a group and some into two. These groups are: * 1- Bachelor Everyone is bachelor at some point in there life. ...read more.


The other large difference between men and women was participation in snooker, pool or billiards, where just 3 per cent of women participated compared with 12 per cent of men. Conversely women participated in keep-fit, aerobics and dance exercise more than men, 10 per cent compared with 3 per cent.3 Sports Centres In my opinion I think that every types of person is likely to use sports centres because everyone is likely to want to keep fit and healthy in one way or another and these days sports centres offer such a variety of activities to take part in that almost everyone can go along and they will have something suitable for almost every individual. The only people that might not be able to take part in using a leisure centre would be those in "Full Nest 1" because they will be so busy looking after the children and might not have enough time or energy to go to a sports centre. There is a similar situation with "Full Nest 2" because the parents still have young children that they need to look after. Another group of people that might not visit Sports Centres are the "Solitary Survivors 2". These people are usually old and their physical capability may limit them from what they can do. Sports centres are beneficial to people's health because if people use the gym or the swimming pool then they will obviously get fitter and benefit greatly from being fit and healthy. As well as this, sports centres also have many different activities that people can get involved in which aren't just physical health related and this can help to calm and relax and make you a healthier person. Here is a list of the sports centres that you will find in Bishop's Stortford: * Grange Paddocks Pool and Gym o Two swimming pools o Solarium o 13 football pitches o Outdoor trim trail * Challenge Gym and Fitness Centre o Brand new refurbishment o Variety of the latest ...read more.


Everything is covered in this indiscriminate list of leisure activities. This random list enables everyone to get involved because there is something that would suit everyone's wants and needs. This list of other clubs and activities all help to improve an individual's health mainly because of the social aspect. They all involve people having to converse with others and this helps their social side in life and can therefore act as a stress relief and help individuals to get away from the reality and stress than they might encounter in every day life. Here is a list of some of the other activities and clubs that you will find in Bishop's Stortford. Obviously there will be a lot more but I have only written these because there is such a massive difference between what the different clubs do and their intentions but they all have some similar ambitions: * Parks and play areas o Barrelsdown Road o Bishop's Park o Burley Road o Cannons Close o Dimsdale Crescent o Knebworth Court o Lower Park Crescent o Northolt Avenue o Parsonage Lane o Next to Sainsbury's o The Barons o Trinity Street o Waytemore Road ? Bishop's Stortford Camera Club ? Bishop's Stortford Rifle Club ? Acoustic Club ? Bishop's Stortford Breakfast Club ? Sunday Club at Churches ? Rotary Club of Bishop's Stortford ? Working Men's Club ? Drama Acting and Singing Clubs o Actability o Bishop's Stortford Musical Theatre Company o Heath Players o SNAP Theatre Company o Bishop's School of Performing Arts o Apton Dance Studio o Jenny Myhill School of Dance and Performing Arts o Footlights Theatre Dance School ? Museums o Bishop's Stortford Museum o The Mural o Rhodes Art Complex o The House on the Hill Toy Museum ? Bowling Alley ? Empire Cinema 1 http://www.nice.org.uk/niceMedia/documents/CHB10-leisure-time-use-14-7.pdf 2 http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=1659 3 Taking Part: The National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport, Department for Culture, Media and Sport, (2006-2007; Internet access 2007, Omnibus Survey, Office for National Statistics ?? ?? ?? ?? Lexie Guthrie -Page 1- 05/03/2009 ...read more.

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