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Market Segmentation of Carden Park

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Market Segmentation Assessment Objective 3 Market segmentation is the process of dividing the overall market into different groups or segments. These groups are divided according to the customers likes and dislikes therefore the customers will have similar needs for the products and services. The market segmentation process considers which segment is to be targeted. Market segmentation is essential to Carden Park because it will decide what segment of people they will market too which will mean that the segment(s) they choose will hopefully be the people to visit Carden Park. The segments that are targeted will be the right set of customers and will be the customers that are interested to visit. This is so that Carden Park can meet their needs and demands to provide them with the right products and services. The market can be split up using different methods. Carden Parks uses each of these different methods: Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender and family size. This type of segmentation is usually the main method used for segmenting customer groups. In the demographic segment the customer's wants are closely linked to different variables like income age and family size. ...read more.


This will mean the different companies can target the certain areas they want. This process is completed using a system in which Acorn categorise 1.9 million postal codes. Carden Park uses geographical segmentation and views it as important because they are looking at world wide custom and bringing in business not just nationally but globally. Psychographic segmentation is the division of groups via particular psychological characteristics for the purpose of marketing to these markets. Segmentation takes place by the use of consumer lifestyle, personality, or social class. An example would be a company needing to market gold golf clubs to a specific golfer belonging to an expensive membership based country club. This type of segmentation is the most complex and will meet the criteria of a small market rather than Demographic segmentation. Carden Park will use this to market the hotel packages they carry out, to target golfers who have wives to use the Spa in the weekend golf and Spa package. Carden Park target many different markets and for many different reasons. This is because the wider your target market is the more customers you are targeting which will mean the more custom you will receive, They have diverse and different attractions products, services and packages which attract different sets of customers. ...read more.


They aim at customers who have free time with the luxury of money in the bank to uses the services and product that they offer. A 'Sunday Driver' is a type of customer they try to target using psychographic segmentation. The stereo-type of lifestyle is one that has a sporty and expensive car with then tendency to spend money on expensive and high-prices good and services. Also with a wife who could possibly use the Spa treatment whilst there on one of the two PGA championships gold courses. Finally this type of customers is one whom could visit in both peak and off peak time but one who would repetitively return and visit. Theses are the type of customers that Carden Park desire and ones with a high classed life style. This is a promotional offer for the on site Spa that Carden Park have. It is the different packages that they offer with the 'Sunday Drivers' high in mind when promoting. They also have different package for the Husbands and Wives. They are, men get a round of golf and the women get spa facilities for discounted prices. These offers can last for up to a weekend not just a day and is a popular demand at Carden Park. ...read more.

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