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Medea: A Woman's Scorn-Mythological

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Medea: A Woman's Scorn There has been no reprieve from the images that infest my mind, nor can I find solace in the manifestations that once were my dreams. They are now wrought in the vivid memories that so mercilessly assail my soul. I, Jason the Argonaut, and inheritor of the Golden Fleece, have been brought to ruin by my wife, Medea. Perhaps it is the will of the Gods; for only their omniscient presence could bear witness to the atrocities she committed in order to fulfill my prophesized glory. Her methods became unceasingly vile when agitated, and I was unable to dissuade the murders to come. Now I consider the lives of our ill fated children, Memeros and Pheres, King Pelias my misguided uncle, and my brother in law Absyrtus, whose lives she maliciously ended. ...read more.


Despite my new wife's apparent use, I began to wonder what else this woman could resort to if given the opportunity. My eyes were not blind to Medea's intentions, yet she was of such vital necessity to my ambitions that I conceded in time. I returned to Iolcus with the Golden Fleece and expected to be granted the throne King Pelias had assured would be mine. The King's motives were dishonest, for he had expected my failure, and now was unwilling to give up his throne. A solution was required; therefore Medea devised what would be a foreboding outcome of events to come. King Pelias was an aging man who had many daughters that treasured him. Medea demonstrated that she could turn an old ram into a young ram by cutting up the old ram and boiling it. ...read more.


It was in the throes of grief and agony at these revelations that in my last words to her I implored, "By the gods, I beg you, let me touch the tender flesh of my children!" These final words were exclaimed in vain for I never saw Medea again in my life. I had never envisioned this as an outcome of my life's fruitions, but perhaps it's as the Fates desired. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned accurately epitomizes the entirety of the time I spent with Medea. I, Jason the Argonaut no longer have my sons, Mermeros and Pheres to father, nor do I have Glauce to have other children with. Our quest for the Golden Fleece was in vain, as I never became the rightful King of Iolcus, but instead was forced to flee my inheritance. There will never be the elation I once knew in life, because there are none I may enjoy it with. I am Jason, but no longer the Argonaut...that ship set sail long ago. ...read more.

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