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Medical Personal Statement. My time in St. Lucia at the local hospital exposed me to the dour reality of medicine and that not everyone can be cured.

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Smelling burning flesh during surgery, and watching a young six year old boy die of Dengue fever was the time when the harsh reality of medicine struck me; and yet my passion for medicine is forever growing. Enrolling on a fourteen day hospital placement in the heart of the Caribbean in St. Lucia is the highlight amongst my various other placements and work experience. Being sent to an LEDC country to explore and take part in that niche of medicine fuelled my desire to become a doctor. Whilst there, I was placed on a 9 to 5 job at the Victoria Hospital, General Surgery wards, whereby more was required of me, than to just shadow a doctor. I received basic clinical training, such as injecting cannulas, taking blood, checking heart rate and blood pressure and doing stitches. Being in theatre I was given the liberty to assist surgeons and work together with nurses to ensure the success of surgery. However, having a mind that needed moulding, following a doctor, I was ever more keen to learn and imitate the characteristics and communication skills a strong doctor required. That was put to the test when I gained the trust of doctors who would send me to provide them a medical briefing of patients, asking the patient about their medical conditions, medical history, symptoms and past medications. ...read more.


Being a volunteer I was able to interact with patients and simply just be there to assist anyone. I would also be able to follow doctors on rare occasions, to assist and observe them at work. On completing 100 hours of voluntary work at the hospital, I was offered a paid part time job as a health care assistant in A&E. Here I was able to enhance my team work skills as being in a busy environment, clear communication and having a close-knit working body between me and my colleagues was vital. This was put into practice whenever two or more of us were asked to help a patient with a disability, get dress and gently mobilise them to comfort. The job required me to take a bigger role in A&E in comparison to being a volunteer as I was relied on to do the fundamental tasks of cleaning a patient or perhaps prepare a ward and bed for a cardiac arrest that was about to come in. Having a larger responsibility on me, I was able to manage well under pressure when asked to do a task quickly. Thinking things through, having a plan and keeping calm where the main elements I adopted. Stretching outside the hospital environment, I Also volunteered for 6 weeks at a local kids club for disadvantaged children. ...read more.


I enrolled on the Open University YASS course, where I chose to study Medicine, molecules and Drugs which fitted in perfectly with my great interest and admiration for bio-chemistry. It challenged my capability to follow a syllabus outside of my a-levels, working through the various books and a molecules kit (not sure what else I should write here) My other academic attributes include me completing an Extended Project which works towards my AQA baccalaureate. This project required that I write a 5000 word essay on a chosen topic I would investigate and look into. This challenged my independent study further as the topic of choice had to be outside the domains of my A- levels, so I was unable to rely on teachers for help. Instead I confided in university library where I would spend a fair share of my time looking through various books to pick out information to write my project. Also I expanded my use of resources from books, Internet, to television documentaries and newspaper articles. My outer school academic achievements reach into the realms of my hobbies. Recently subscribing to a science magazine, BBC Focus, which I am a regular reader of, I have possessed a habit of writing scientific articles to the magazine about recent wonderful scientific discoveries. My latest entry and fascination was about a new "invisible" material, called Metaflex, which is able to manipulate rays of light that could theoretically appear invisible to the naked eye. ...read more.

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