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My decision to apply for a degree in Business is due to my desire to aim for a career in the marketing and finance sectors

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My decision to apply for a degree in Business is due to my desire to aim for a career in the marketing and finance sectors. This initiated from the Mark Burnett-inspired programme, 'The Apprentice', thought-provoking programme that influences the finance, real estate & advertising scene today. This experience made my goals specific and my hunger to succeed in business a primary objective. The BTEC National Diploma in Business course I am currently studying gave me the opportunity to utilise and put into perspective the knowledge I had previously gained for this subject. This made me realise the effect that a university education would have upon me both as person and as a future professional. ...read more.


Apart from studying, I believe that university life would offer me the opportunity to interact with students and teachers from many different cultures and language backgrounds. Each individual will enable me to learn something positive. I, in turn, will be able to make a positive contribution to the university and its life. I have worked for Sports World as a Sales Assistant. It was a significant learning experience and made me evaluate myself and understand my strengths and skills, such as the ability to easily identify discrepancies and communicate these effectively to management so that problems can be solved. My present experience at Waitrose has given me a taste of working within a larger organisation. ...read more.


On a scale of 1-10, I would rate my footballing abilities between 7 and 8. Fellow footballers who have played with me would describe me as a defensive all-rounder with a robust style of play and a hint of attacking prowess. I am famed for playing the position of left-back, though I show my versatility by playing in numerous positions such as left midfield, centre-back or defensive midfield. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to a range of music, going to the gym and socialising. I have high ambitions, and in the future I hope to be successfully involved in many types of business at a high level. By the end of my degree course I also expect to be a more astute, mature person. I shall certainly take advantage of all the various social and sporting opportunities your university offers. ...read more.

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