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P e r s o n a l s t a t e m e n t for a Psychology Course

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´╗┐Personal statement PERSONAL STATMENT As a young child, I was full of curiosity and always was searching for something to feed my curiosity; I often questioned myself and others about life, the world as human beings. When should we seek deep understanding and what are the circumstances that convert simple unambiguous certainties into complex facts? My curiosity grew into interest and found myself frequently at the library. To look for books that answers my question. Something with sure facts, supported with science and research. I stumbled on a psychology book 'The science of Mind and Behaviour' by Charles T. Blair-Broeker, Randal M. Ernst, David G. Myers 2007, which talks about the human mind and behaviour. Remembering how interesting the book was makes me want to learn more from it. ...read more.


The experience of being at the Westminister University made me gain allot of confidence in myself. It made me challenge myself and mostly it made me work hard more independently. The experience as an O.U student had its high and low, it was truly something different and different is surely what I was looking for. In 2011 I took a gap year due to planning to move and study in England, therefore decided to work in the meantime to have more work experience. I was offered a job at River Island and was delighted to work for them. This job has given me the opportunity to interact with other people and explore different diversities, habit and background. ...read more.


To achieve a degree in Psychology is not going to be easy, but it's a start to my dream career and it would take a lot of dedication, tolerance and determination. It's the path to a qualification in which I am prepared to strive and work hard for and add a stepping stone to archive my goals. My father once told me that "you have to start at the bottom to get at the top, it is a long ladder that you have to climb, so embrace yourself for the climb because it is never easy" one day I will have achieved my ambition to become a psychologist. To me Psychology is not just science; it is a way of life. A source of inspiration and it has inspired me to become a part of it. ...read more.

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