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Personal statement - chemical engineering

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What you want to study at university and why * Specific aspects of the courses that interest you Fluid mechanics, etc * Examples of coursework you have completed Extracted capsaicin from chilli peppers and wrote a report about how to produce a drug out of this with benefits testing etc for lonza * Practical work you have enjoyed As above or think of chem eng ones * Books, articles, etc. you have read related to the subject area None, yet * Work experience or voluntary work in this area None * Conferences you have attended None * Personal experiences that lead to the decision to take this subject I have always enjoyed the practical side of the sciences I study as it allows my to use what ive learnt from reading and note taking into a scenario which I can test and alter to prove theories correct. When looking at chemical engineering as a potential degree course I felt it fitted my passion and style of work perfectly. Being able to take chemical reactions and make them applicable in real world scenarios such as.... ...read more.


Academically I strive for challenges, I have perseverance in what I set my mind on and enjoy the chance of stretching myself and solving problems. I received perfectly acceptable grades for each of my subjects at AS, however even though taking on 4 full A levels is a challenge, I have decided to re-sit many of these modules. I do not feel my full potential was expressed in my results, this I believe was mostly due to poor exam techniquesomething that I am working on improving. This choice for me was an easy decision as I am striving for the best grades I can get and I am willing to persevere through this increased workload. http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/wiki/Personal_Statement:Chemical_Engineering_5 Clearly oil will run out, yet what we will do at that point is far from clear. Further research into renewable energy and the refinement of current industries may provide the solution ut that chance to be a part of this process as a chemical engineer really excites me intellectually as well as providing a true cause to channel my energies. However, I realise that we cannot live in a mathematical vacuum and that we cannot model our entire world with a range of formulas; such a realisation drives me to grasp how things work Therefore, the study of Physics inspires a keen interest in me. ...read more.


could be used was very rewarding and gave me a keen insight into managing chemical processes even if it was on a small scale. During my school life I have taken on several positions of responsibility whilst also achieving high academic standards throughout. I am currently form rep for my class, this allows me to converse with my form such that I can represent them at meetings, I am also sports rep which has enabled me to organise teams to partake in sporting events, these roles have allowed me to immerse myself in the school community which I have taken great enjoyment from. I believe the communication, organisation and time management skills I have gained through holding these positions will stand me in good stead for a demanding university course. Both in and outside of school I am extremely dedicated to football for which I have representing my county over a course of two years, this has given me valuable experience in working in a team as well as leading a team. I like to think of myself as a well rounded individual with a keen passion for the sciences and in particular how they are shaping our lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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