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Personal statement- Engineering. My determination to study engineering, especially mechanical engineering, stems from an early curiosity to learn how machines work. I satisfy this by watching documentaries, searching the web and by delving

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Engineering through time has developed and shaped the world that exists today whereby the human quality of life is improved due the ingenious solutions thought out by engineers to solve complex problems. Being at the forefront of shaping the future and being a part of such a significant community strengthens my aspiration to become an engineer. My determination to study engineering, especially mechanical engineering, stems from an early curiosity to learn "how machines work". I satisfy this by watching documentaries, searching the web and by delving into any old gadgets which I can lay my hands on. Having explored various devices, from cassette players to remote controlled cars, has only motivated me further to learn what it takes to design and manufacture them. ...read more.


I have also enjoyed learning mechanics, which has taught me the skill of evaluating the outcome of a physical object without actually experimenting. Moreover, further maths has fulfilled my desire to seek challenges. To further increase my knowledge of the different disciplines of Engineering and engineering as a whole I read "Engineering: Beginners Guides" which gave me great pleasure as I uncovered the remarkable history behind engineering, whilst getting an insight into the possible thought processes that engineers might go through. Learning about the work of Da Vinci, Brunel and Edison inspired me further and was instrumental in guiding my career choice. I was successful in gaining a place on a residential summer school at Cambridge University, where I tasted the full flavour of higher education. ...read more.


As well as organising sports duties I take regular part in sporting events at school and gain great joy in the process. I have also captained the school's cricket team and played cricket for a local club which has taught me the importance of teamwork in order to succeed, I would love to continue participating in sport whilst at University. My interests and experiences in the past suggest that engineering is the correct career path for me. I believe with my determination and my qualities I can be a successful engineer. I hope to excel in all parts of university life, from academic to social, absorbing the knowledge and learning vital new skills. Then, as a Chartered Engineer, I wish to apply it in such a way that provides the greatest benefit to the consumer and the wider public. ...read more.

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