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Personal Statement Example - Neurosurgery

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From a very early age, my aspiration has been to work in the neurosurgery department. I feel that this is an ideal career for me because I have travelled to various countries on family holidays; from experiences abroad, I have seen how I can make a good contribution to this area of work and further research about various diseases and illnesses related to the brain. I am hard-working, committed to my goals and want to help others for the better. I am also confident that my choice of A- and AS-levels, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Business Studies, will provide me with the solid foundation needed to proceed to undergraduate level. The practical side of biology and chemistry will enable me to gain good laboratory skills and I am eager to acquire more developed and sophisticated techniques at university. ...read more.


I am currently studying for my GCSE examinations of History, German, Art, Sociology, Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Double Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics: higher level), Information and Communication Technology and Religious Studies. My reason for taking German was to extend my language skills, widening my communication skills. I particularly enjoy History as I find it fascinating to learn about the experiences of people from a different period of time and the impact they make on society today. I also feel that this is a good subject to be successful in because it allows you to learn from the past and solve new problems that may arise. This is incredibly useful in neuropsychology, as you can see how individuals such as Louis Pasteur and Alexander Fleming overcame any setbacks and achieved what they believed in. ...read more.


My group decided to do jewellery and confectionary to widen our market. In Year Ten, I took part in Enterprise Week in which I had to run a business for one week with the aim of making a profit. I was in a group of six and we set up a stall of Indian/Asian based food and henna, making around £60 profit each. I found this week incredibly helpful as it showed me what it is like setting up and running a business by showing the responsibilities involved in such a project. Ultimately, I consider myself to be a well rounded, sociable individual driven by the aspiration to help improve people's lives by contributing to the advancement of healthcare. My own scientific ideology is based on the notion that society will always depend upon medical innovations to remedy all illness and bodily complications. Therefore, this is something I hugely anticipate and hope to achieve through a medicine course at university. ...read more.

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