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Personal Statement for Arts application

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I want to embark upon a life of studying and creating visual experiences. I have initiated this through regular attendance at figure drawing classes which have paid off by being shortlisted to be first at the annual RBA exhibition at the Mall Galleries and being awarded a position as an official scholar of the RBA. Following this, my work will be exhibited in March. The president of the RBA went on to say he had picked my work "because drawing is the pinnacle of every piece of art and design". I take opportunities to be proactive in the community of design. Working with the Hayward Gallery's young artists group has given me the chance to create public art together with established artists and having recently being mentioned in Time Out. ...read more.


We explored curatorial presentation techniques and learnt the importance of archives whilst touring the LCC archive. I now use the V&A and the UAL's libraries to help me with projects. Working with a range of techniques and media has allowed me to retain a firm base of skills evident in my Paper London project. I used many approaches through InDesign, Photoshop and a graphics tablet to communicate design ideas. I created paper dress adverts based on London architecture using Illustrator and vector graphics to design and create the pattern construction and illustrative layout for the dress. Advertising and visualizing creative concepts is a skill I believe I possess and hope to develop in a highly competitive atmosphere. I actively attend fashion events like the Clothes Show Live and London Fashion Weekend. ...read more.


I was awarded the Jack Petchey Award for efforts in volunteering at school after co-organising a fashion showcase and running a drawing club for younger students. Through these endeavours, self critique became inherent in my routine as I am conscious to imbibe good practices. I volunteered for a charity auction in which I donated an illustration and was sold successfully. Touring Iraq, I enriched my understanding of wider concepts both culturally and politically. I saw a sculpture of a chemical shell overflowing with apples, representing the Halabja gas attacks that were said to smell of sweet apples. I want to harness my skills in order to emulate such iconic images throughout this course. I want to attend an institute that nurtures raw, maverick talent that will enable me to be on the forefront of innovation. I will uphold this with a tenacious start in my illustrating career. ...read more.

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