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Personal Statement UCAS

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Personal Statement I am applying for a place on the Nursing Degree Course as I want to make Nursing my career and progress onto a higher Nursing position. I am a people person who shows empathy competency, I believe I am caring but I also have to ability to show resilience and display these skills in my current role as a health care assistant in a Nursing home in Chester a role that I have held since August 2009 but have fallen in love with. Between February and August 09 I was out of work but I attended a government funded centre called Standguide which helped me improve my CV and help me look for work, it was them that suggested looking into a care home for realistic experience of care before going into Nursing which I had already thought about but then helped me firmly decide to do that. ...read more.


* How the departments interact with each other. * Allowed me to help run departmental competitions. * Saw me act as a middle ground for the manager and the people on the floor. * Represent what people wanted and needed. * Gave me the opportunity to complete the following courses:- * Time management * Organisation Skills * Personal Impact and what it can do * Giving and receiving feedback * Managing change * Presentation Skills I have the ability to work with and communicate with people from all levels. Working in the fast paced environment of a call centre this has enhanced my abilities to think quickly on my feet, and make quick but informative decisions. I am a positive and practical person with a determination and focus to succeed. ...read more.


Last year my mother had an operation on her stomach which also needed cleaning and dressing as well as general care for her like bathing and dressing her. Even more recently unfortunately my father has had a stroke and as a family we have all been helping with his rehabilitation. Currently I am attending an Access Course to prepare myself for higher education and in my first two exams/ assignments I have scored merits which to me proves I have the capability to learn and the thirst to gain more knowledge. My family and friends have all been supportive of my decision to choose Nursing as a career and have commented on how committed I am with my current course and how I am suited to this kind of work and they are all proud that I will be the first of the family to go to university. ...read more.

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