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Problem Solution: Foundation Schools

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: Foundation Schools Problem Solution: Foundation Schools University of Phoenix Problem Solution: Foundation Schools Foundation Schools make every effort to provide special needs children a gain that they would not have under usual conditions. By spotlighting the life skills approach the children have opportunities to live ordinary lives and have rewarding employment. The approach which Foundation School makes use of is one of strategic program management. The purpose of strategic program management is to recognize and deal with the question of a company's intention, the best way to achieve the goals and determining the resources required to achieve the desired end state. In this paper I will argue how strategic program management will aid Foundation Schools in achieving its desired end state goals by concentrating on the needs of the stakeholders and bring to a close with its findings. Describe the Situation Issue and Opportunity Identification Foundations School is a very thriving organization that provides special needs education for children. Foundations School presently serves three cities in California; yet, with an annual budget of $50 million, it has a strategy to develop into other state\s in the upcoming year. John Thomas, Chairperson, is focused on making certain that Foundation Schools does not incur losses and has counseled Nancy Anderson with the intention that she will facilitate Foundation Schools to realize its vision by profitably navigating it through its strategic plan. Sadly for John, Nancy does not share his vision and is inquiring if the boards' new programs and proposal best serve the school and its consumers. As a result of Nancy's inner differences, there are further areas of concern John will need to address but cannot because he is not aware of the existing predicament. The areas of attention are: project management, project management configuration, the organizational culture and the influences as exchange - this is not directly tied to Nancy's problems. ...read more.


The risk of turnover is minimal unless the employees were in their position for a considerable amount of time. A mitigation technique would be to offer training for existing employees with the promise of a career advancement plan. The second alternative is to develop cohesiveness among the teaching faculty. This option is of greater value because it offers the school the opportunity to eliminate any risistance by the veteran teachers; however, before that can be talked about, the risks must be evaluated. If Foundation Schools trys to force cohesiveness on the teachers it risks losing valuable employees through turnover or causing bitterness among them. In order to mitigate these risks, Foundation Schools can assign team building projects where faculty work together - this will maintian levels of respect which long-term teachers may feel is warranted. In addition this woudl develop a level of trust among the teachers which would encourage a team oriented atmosphere and also encourage the veteran teachers to accept the leanring software. Developing cohesiveness is a more viable option in the long term. Make the Decision The optimal solution for Foundation Schools is to have a project manager who will aggressively pursue its goals of increasing revenues and spurring growth. The project manager will encourage teamwork within its ranks starting with all teacher faclutys. They will have meetings with the teachers and express the importance of learning how to use the Life Skills software and explain that it is central to their success and progression. The project manager will take a consensus of the veteran faculty to learn what the reasons are behind the resistance to change and work in tandem with them to ensure that they are working towards increasing the ratio from 3:1 to 4:1. Next steps will include assessing the current problem solution process and its framework. The project manager will implement a process that encourages discovering solutions to problems. The purpose is to address any weaknesses which may exist within the current structure of the schools hierarchy. ...read more.


The Board believes that increased growth and revenue, along with decreased costs, will allow more children to receive an education with Foundation Schools. The community wants to ensure that their children are given the same chance as other children. Table 3 Analysis of Alternative Solutions Table 4 Risk Assessment and Mitigation Risk Assessment and Mitigation Alternative Risks and Probability Consequence and Severity Mitigation Techniques and Strategies Assigning a team leader * Jealousy among subordinates - high * Employee turnover-Low * Suggest training opportunities for advancement. Increase cohesiveness among teachers * Resentment from either side - Low * Resistance to change - Medium * Employee turnover - Low * Loss of motivation - Low * Create team based assignments * * * Table 5 Pros and Cons of Alternative Solutions Alternative Pros Cons Find a replacement project manager * Dedicated to the task and will work to achieve the desired end state goals * Possibility of creating animosity between the new project manager and Nancy Anderson * Possibility of projecting a lack of confidence with Nancy Anderson Assign a team leader to each project * Frees up project manager for more important tasks * Could create a rift among employees Focus on creating a cohesive team attitude among the teachers * Creates animosity * May result in employee turnover. * Develops trust among teachers * Eliminates resistance to change * Encourages growth Table 6 Optimal Solution Implementation Plan Action Item DeliverableFinal Optimal Solution Timeline Who is Responsible Find a replacement project manager Immediately Nancy Anderson Identify the process solution framework 30 days - 90 days Nancy Anderson & Jeff White Assess organizational culture Within six months John Thomas Develop cohesiveness among the teachers Immediately Nancy Anderson Evaluate compensation packages Six to twelve months Andy Antonio Implement Life Skills training among veteran teachers Immediately Jennifer Chin Table 7 Evaluation of Results End-State Goals Metrics Target Increase student/teacher ratio Performance and enrollment metrics 4:1 Increase Growth Financial statements and enrollment 5% Expand into another state Statistical Reports Next calendar year ?? ?? ?? ?? Problem Solution: Foundation Schools 1 ...read more.

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