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Production Report

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Report I chose to produce a film magazine, that is aimed at a young audience (16-25), I chose to do so for several reasons. To begin with I feel that I am more skilled in using desktop publishing software and would be more successful than if I was try attempt creating a film or trailer. Also, film magazines are the genre of magazine that I read most often and have a better idea of the conventions and style used, which gives me an advantage. The reason for aiming my magazine at the 16-25 age group was that my research suggested to, however because I fit into this age group I have a better judgement of what may or may not be appealing to this particular audience. ...read more.


I decided to write a question and answer interview because it is a typical feature of any magazine within the film genre, other reasons are that it took less time as the content is short and brief. My main method of research was a questionnaire, I created this so that I could find the main target audience for my production and also to take note of any other trends in the information I received which could be used to help when creating products. I asked participants questions regarding both what sort of magazine they would buy and which their demographic group they are in. I compiled the questionnaire results into graphs and saw that the majority were young (16-25), white British students of about equally divided sex, by using this information I could determine what style to use for the magazine covers and the contents of the magazine. ...read more.


Because the audience has a lower income and because the magazine has a lower price, the magazine should appeal to the working social class. As both males and females are the audience, it must appeal to both without alienating either of the sexes; I did this by using images which were not aspirational ones because males and females and different sexualities have different aspirations, which are usually gender specific. Another aspect of the design which was prompted by my research was the simple layout. I used the minimum amount of plugs and positioning at the bottom of the cover, this gave lots of room allowing the main cover image to have maximum impact while maintaining a balanced composition. ...read more.

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