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Promoting Inclusion

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Promoting Inclusion In this assignment I will discuss how the practice in children's settings and services promotes the equality of opportunities, inclusion and rights of children. I will then use examples from the work placements I have undergone to explain the practices used to promote equality. P5, M3. There are many ways in which a child care or education setting can incorporate inclusive practices and strategies into their day to day services. In educational settings there are the inclusive teaching strategy and the inclusive curriculum which can be used to provide equal access to opportunities within the setting. For the setting to integrate inclusive teaching in their practice they must be aware that this is a legal requirement under many pieces of legislation such as the Special Educational Needs Acts, Disability Discrimination Act, the Education Act and the Equal Opportunities Act. Inclusive teaching delivers the taught information in a variety of methods to suit all learners and their learning styles; for example using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic (VAK) ...read more.


By making the curriculum state the key learning points it is easy for the teacher to see what the aim of the lesson should be. When planning the lesson around the curriculum they should plan including differentiation needed to make it inclusive and meet any additional needs or requirements, even if there are none known in the class so that the teacher can deliver the learning or activity to suit all levels of ability and aspects of diversity having considered these. D2. When working with children in a care, education or family setting considering barriers to communication is a necessity as effective communication between the child, their family and the setting is vital. It will be an advantage to the setting if they have a multi-disciplinary team of practitioners who have an awareness of children's additional needs whether these are physical disabilities, learning difficulties, cognitive disorders, language barriers or behavioural problems. This would be beneficial as it may mean that less external agencies are needed to help include the child within the setting and may prove more cost effective. ...read more.


Some parents may feel uncomfortable involving an interpreter as private issues may be discussed during meetings with childcare professionals. Where a qualified interpreter is required but cannot be sourced it is in the best interests of the setting that a person known to the family is not used to translate as this could result in implications as they may add concerns of their own which the parents have not expressed. D2. To promote inclusion practitioners and settings must also consider that a child or their parent may be deaf and only communicate by sign language. Methods of overcoming this barrier include finding an British Sign Language interpreter to help communication between the practitioner and the parent or child. If the child is deaf it may be an advantage to the setting if a number of practitioners were to learn sign language. This will assist with communication between the child, parents who are deaf, prospective children along with their families and the professionals although fluent communication could still prove to be difficult. Another negative aspect of this proposal is that it will be time consuming and financially inconvenient for practitioners to be trained or taught British sign language. ...read more.

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