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Referencing. This essay is going to look at four different methods of research used in projects and the need to reference accurately. The first section will look at websites.

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Research skills and Practice This essay is going to look at four different methods of research used in projects and the need to reference accurately. The first section will look at websites. The second section will discuss books. The third will concentrate on journals and the fourth section will focus on newspapers. All four sections will evaluate the good and bad points of these methods of research. The essay will also compare and contrast two conventional systems of referencing. These are the Harvard System and the Footnote System. Finally the essay will evaluate various copyright laws by examining the key feature about research. When writing a book, essay, report and so on, it is usual to use information from a range of sources to support the author's argument. These people must be given the credit that they deserve. It also stops the author from getting accused of plagiarism or copyright. Referencing also allows readers of the text to refer to the source from which the information has been taken. Four methods of research are websites, books, journals and newspapers. The first method the essay will concentrate on is websites. Websites are a good source of information for research projects as they provide a vast range of information. The internet allows you to add any keywords into a search engine to look for information, which makes it quick and easy. ...read more.


The cons are that the citations can become 'long winded' and it is also 'difficult to reference television, radio and other audio sources' (Neville C, (2007) The complete guide to Referencing and Plagiarism, Open University, Maidenhead) Footnotes or 'running notes' (British Standards) are another conventional method of referencing. This section of the essay will use footnotes to references to give a clear understanding of the way it works. This style of referencing uses bracketed numbers or superscript in the text, for example, Euthanasia can be carried out by giving a lethal injection or by not giving treatment to keep the person alive (1). The number is then referred to at the bottom of the page to inform the reader of the source of information. As with the Harvard Referencing system there are both pros and cons of this system. As there is a history behind footnotes, it arguably gives it a dignified presence(2). Another pro is that it allows the reader to immediately refer to the source, rather than having to turn to the reference or bibliography page(3). The most obvious disadvantage of this style of referencing is that the author is not able to go back and make any additions(4). Some people find that footnotes can distract them from what they are reading(5). ...read more.


The two main referencing systems are the Harvard system and Footnotes. The Harvard system is generally used through out Britain and seems to be the easiest to learn and practice. Footnotes, whilst very traditional, can make pieces of work look quite messy, and they easily distract the reader from the subject being spoken about. Finally, copyright laws are in place to protect authors and creators from their work being stolen. Any work being used must follow the copyright laws; otherwise people may face serious consequences. Different sources of information have different copyright laws, and these should always be looked at before and during use of materials. Goessi, L . The pros and cons of using Yahoo! Answers to research your college papers. Accessed 14th December from the World Wide Web: http://www.helium.com http://www.library.jhu.edu/researchhelp/general/copyright/ Davies G. (2008) General guidelines on copyright. In Davies G. (ed.) Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers (ICT4LT), Slough, Thames Valley University [Online]. Available from: http://www.ict4lt.org/en/en_copyright.htm [Accessed DD Month YYYY]. Keown, J. (2002) Euthanasia, Ethics and Public Policy: An Argument against Legalisation. Cambridge: CUP. BBC News (2002) News night, The Swiss Way of Death. Accessed 15th October 2008 from the World Wide Web: http://www.bbc.co.uk. Alemayehu E, Mooloy D, Guyatt G, Singer J et al. Variability in Physicians' Decisions on Caring for Chronically Ill Elderly Patients: An International Study. Canadian Medical Association Journal 1991, 144(9):1133-1138. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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