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Researching university options for event management courses.

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Researching Opportunities for Higher Education After working for 6 years in a full time retail position, I decided to leave and pursue another career. This drastic change with impact my life greatly, mainly financially. At my previous job I received a substantial wage due to being in a management position but I was not entirely satisfied with the job. The new career I have chosen is event management, specifically in the music industry. I already have relevant experience as this is something I currently do in my spare time but feel I have taken it as far as I can with the knowledge I currently have. In this report I will be providing information on the different choices that are suitable to me accounting for location and funding sources available to me. Courses BSc (honours) event management 1. Plymouth university for a 3 year course 2. Optional placement year after year 2 bringing it up to a 4 year course 3. Course cost is £9,000 a year 4. ...read more.


with a minimum of 24 level 3 credits with Merit or above. The first year of the course consists of event design and production, marketing, financial reporting and the marketing economy. The second year will build my knowledge and equip me the organisational skills to be an effective event manager. My third year is a placement year and the final year is where I will focus on a higher level of learning and in more depth, by studying events in their international context. All 3 universities are in the southwest of England which is within an easy travelling distance to family and friends I already have in this part of the country. I also would like to continue running music events in my spare time and having many contacts in the industry in the southwest is another factor for not attending a university elsewhere in the country. After completion of my Access to HE course I will have achieved the entry requirements for all the courses I have decided to look at. ...read more.


This can be paid in a lump sun or in instalments throughout the year. It is paid directly in to my bank account. Action Plan 1. Complete ucas application by November 14th 2. Accept chosen university offer by May 8th 3. Apply for student finance by end of May 2013 4. Attend chosen University in September 2013 Plymouth University. (2012) Plymouth University events management. [Online] Available from: http://www1.plymouth.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/3174/Pages/CourseDetail.aspx [accessed 6 November 2012] Plymouth University. (2012) events management entry requirements. [Online] Available from: http://www1.plymouth.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate/3174/Pages/EntryRequirements.aspx#AHE [accessed 6 November 2012] Cardiff University. (2012) Cardiff University Event Management. [Online] Available from: http://www3.uwic.ac.uk/English/StudyAtUWIC/Courses/Cardiff-School-of-Management/Pages/Events-Management-BA-Hons.aspx [accessed 6 November 2012] Bournemouth University. (2012) Bournemouth University Event Management. [Online] Available from: http://courses.bournemouth.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate-degree/events-management/ba-hons/76/course_content-course_content/ [accessed 6 November 2012] Bournemouth University. (2012) Event Management entry requirements. [Online] Available from: http://courses.bournemouth.ac.uk/courses/undergraduate-degree/events-management/ba-hons/76/entry_requirements-qualification/ [accessed 6 November 2012] Ucas. (2012) Ucas student finance. [Online] Available from: http://www.ucas.ac.uk/students/studentfinance/ [accessed 6 November 2012] Ucas. (2012) Ucas improtant dates. [Online] Available from: http://www.ucas.ac.uk/students/importantdates [accessed 6 November 2012] direct gov. (2012) student finance. [Online] Available from: https://www.gov.uk/student-finance/what-youll-get [accessed 6 November 2012] Luke Schol ...read more.

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