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Rules To Explain The Importance When Observing Children

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Rules To Explain The Importance When Observing Children. * The Difference Between Objectivity and Subjectivity. Objective - Being able to look at the facts, being free from bias and your own point of view. Subjective - Looking at things from your own point of view, being influenced by pre-conceived ideas, not looking at the facts and being impartial. Validity - The information gathered and the method used are relevant to the study being undertaken. Reliability - The method used to obtain any information, can be repeated and is consistent. Error - When you make a mistake whilst observing children, you could miss interpret something, you could also miss something if your busy writing down. When carrying out observations make sure that you try to be objective, make valid observations, and think about reliability during the observation. ...read more.


People develop different beliefs. * Bias. Bias, whether intentional or unintentional, may affect the reliability of our research. When formulating questions for a questionnaire or for use during an interview, it is important to be objective as possible. Often statistics may be gathered for a particular interest group so the results may reflect this bias. * Ethical Protocols. When observing children, you should remember that you are studying a child who is important and precious to their family. The baby or young child is also very vulnerable and has the right, as well as the family, to be protected from any unpleasant or inappropriate intrusion into his/her life. Thorough consultation should be undertaken with the family and other people concerned. ...read more.


The observations should not merely be motivated by the disposition to seek explanation and information. Rules to explain the importance when observing children. 1. When carrying out observations make sure that you try to be objective. 2. Make valid observations. 3. Think about reliability during the observation. 4. Be aware that more than one thing can be happening at any one time. 5. Keep your beliefs and personal opinions out of the results of the observation. 6. Be aware of bias. 7. Use the same method of observation for all the observations to keep a constant result. 8. Make sure you keep all confidential information safe and secure. 9. Make sure the child is willing to participate and if not don't do it. 10. Make sure the information you gain is purposeful and relevant. ?? ?? ?? ?? Becci Fox 12T CCLD Task 3 (P3) - 1 - ...read more.

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