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Applied Science - Science at work Unit 1 Index: > East End Foods > NHS > Shell petrol station > Newspaper company e.g. THE SUN > Wolverhampton brewery East End Foods: This Foods Company has been around for a long time they have 35years of experience, they act as a leading foods supplier in the Indian market. The annul income for this company is about over �100million. The east end company is a well trusted supplier of high quality ethnic foods, there products are transported many multiple places such as stores, supermarkets and shops etc. since the east end store has made a new base in the west midlands they have been progressing more. There plants are based at the centre of the national distribution network. There are many people that depend on the east end company; mostly it is Asians that depend on the east end products. East end is one of the largest importers of Indian foods that import in the UK. About 16.86% of spices are in the UK because of east end. The east end company has a wide rage of products, they have 1250 lines that source them around the globe they also act as a distribution agent, but this is only for some of the prominent names in the Indian food industry. This company also likes to continually develop new products. It is an ongoing marketing researching company they are the new product innovators in the area. Apart from that the directors go to all of the suppliers around the globe to make sure that the company is reaching there standards and are producing high quality products. They also have a large amount of stock with at least 98% availability when needed. ...read more.


Failure to manage health and safety can result in heavy costs, whether in terms of staff absences, low staff morale, financial losses, higher insurance premiums, civil and criminal legal action resulting in fines and compensation payments, or damage to the public reputation of the employer. Action � NHS Employers should; ensure that they are aware of and comply with their statutory health and safety obligations. consider the Health and Safety checklist (see Annex C) provided for NHS Boards. take steps to implement the recommendations of the NAO (these are listed in EL(96)104) and give a high priority to following best practice in the management of health and safety. have in place policies and procedures to investigate, record, monitor, review and assess the causes and costs of accidents, sickness absences, ill health retirement and occupational ill health provide their employees with access to a confidential and effective occupational health service. Remind staff that it is the duty of every employee while at work to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work. Consider the inclusion of information on health and safety performance in their published reports. be aware of the principles in EL(96)104 & EL(96)44 "Health and Safety Management in the NHS", HSG (94)51 "Occupational Health Services for NHS Staff", "Risk Management in the NHS" (NHS Executive 1993) and the Health Services Advisory Committee's (HSAC) guidance "Management of Health and Safety in the Health Services" . Take account of these guidelines when negotiating contracts between purchasers and providers. A significant source of good practice in managing health and safety in the NHS is the Health Services Advisory Committee of the Health and Safety Commission (HSAC). ...read more.


Staff should be trained on how to deal with minor fuel spillages. Electricity Accidents are mainly due to misuse of, or badly maintained, equipment and there is an increased risk of electric shock when using equipment externally in a wet environment e.g. commercial vacuums and car washes. All electrical equipment used out of doors should be suitably insulated and should be supplied through a circuit protected by a 30 mA Residual Current Device. All electrical switchgear controlling machinery should be clearly labelled and readily accessible at all times. Ensure that the electrical installation used for mechanical car washes is suitable for a wet environment and has adequate protection from mechanical damage, considering the complexity of the moving parts. Fit a readily accessible emergency stop button to mechanical car washes. Fire Risks Obstructed exits e.g. by stock and/or accumulations of packaging can prevent escape and provide fuel for fires. Keep all escape routes and fire exits clear and make regular checks to ensure that this is the case. Clear rubbish regularly (remember sand used for cleaning or containing petrol spills will be flammable and should be disposed of safely, by a hazardous waste disposal company if necessary). Violence to Staff Robbery of goods or cash may place staff at risk of violence. Consider the use of closed circuit television, panic alarms and other security measures e.g. the use of pay windows at night. Compressed Air Systems The main risks arise from abuse of this equipment and from over inflation of vehicle tyres. Make sure that the air system is located within sight of the shop attendant to ensure constant supervision. Display clear information on the use of the air system e.g. the driver should check the correct tyre pressures. Train staff in the safe use of the equipment. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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