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Should Porportianal Representation Be Used In Westminister Elections?

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Should Proportional Representation Be Used In UK Elections? Proportional representation is the representation of all parties in proportion to their popular vote. Various forms of proportional representation exist, such as a Party List System. The Closed List System is designed for multi-member constituencies - in effect a whole city, region or even country could be one constituency. Each party submits a list of candidates for a constituency, but electorate only vote for party. Seats allocated to each party in accordance with proportion of vote received. Then candidates allocated to seats, working down the list from the top. There are three main types of proportional systems we can use. The first is the Single Transferable Vote (STV). The main features of a STV are that political parties are able to put up as many candidates as there are seats to fill in each constituency. ...read more.


The second system we can use is the regional party list. This is currently used in the European Parliament (except Northern Ireland). The features of a Regional party list are that a number of large multimember constituencies. For the European Parliament elections the UK is divided into 12 regions each returning 3-10 members. Political parties will compile lists of candidates to place before the electorate in descending order of preference. Electors will vote for parties not for candidates and the UK uses "closed" list elections. Parties are given seats directly proportional to the votes they each gain in regional constituency. The advantages of this are that this is probably the only "pure" system of proportional representation and is therefore fair to all parties. This system promotes unity and encourages electors to identify with a region rather than a constituency. The system also makes it easier for women and minority candidates to be elected, provided they feature on the party list. ...read more.


* In 2001, the Liberal Democrats won 7.9 per cent of the seats (52) with 18.3 per cent of the total vote (4,812,833) * In the election of February 1974, the Conservatives received more votes than Labour (11,872,180 to 11,645,616, or 37.9 per cent of the total to 37.2 per cent), but won fewer seats (297, as against 301) Is this a system that should be responsible for managing our government? However some may argue that it would be better to try something better than nothing at all. In the Scottish elections of 1999 and 2003, and the Welsh elections of 1999, the electoral system failed to return an absolute majority for any one party, requiring coalition administrations to be formed. Is it worth having a system that cannot even choose a government? So my conclusion is that we should have a mix of the above systems so that you have a system that has the advantages of all of them. ...read more.

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