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Supply Chain

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B2C Site compared to a B2B Site Katherine Strait EBUS400 E-Business Peter Hiestand March 9, 2009 Introduction How does the supply chain differ on a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) site compared to a Business-to-Business (B2B) site? The answer to this question, along with a few other key points will be addressed throughout this paper. Supply chain will be defined, as will the terms B2B and B2C in order to provide a more solid understanding of the differences between the two. Finally, the difference between the ways a supply chain operates on a B2C site compared to a B2B site will be explained and specifics will be given. What is a supply chain? The definition of supply chain differs depending upon the source; however, the core principle remains the same. According to BNET (2008), a supply chain is "The network of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, who turn raw materials into finished goods and services and deliver them to consumers." ...read more.


Given the aforementioned statement, one can draw a conclusion that B2C is transactions that are conducted between consumers and business on the Web. Some examples of B2C e-commerce services are auction stores such as eBay, online stores such as Amazon, and online services such as Travelocity. (Walsh, 2000) Business-to-business, or B2B, e-commerce is transactions, which are conducted between businesses on the Web, otherwise known as doing business electronically. B2B sites usually target business owners, managers, and other capable decision makers. Some examples of B2B e-commerce services are computer sales and service sites such as Microsoft and office supply stores such as Staples or Office Depot. Wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers usually fall into the B2B category. (Schneider, 2004) What are the main differences between the ways the supply chain differs on a B2C site compared to a B2B site? The major difference between B2B and B2C sites is that B2B sites focus primarily on supply chain management while B2C sites focus more on selling goods to the end user. ...read more.


Some examples of the flow of these supply chains are necessary in order to explain these differences further. An example of the supply chain flow on a B2B site would begin with Whirlpool needing to order the parts necessary to manufacture a washer. The purchaser from Whirlpool could go to the website of the parts supplier, select the appropriate type and quantity of parts, then the supplier would deliver the parts directly to Whirlpool. Taking this same example a little further and give proper example of a B2C site, also. Say a consumer wishes to purchase a Whirlpool washer through the Lowe's website. The supply chain flow in this B2C example would go from the individual requesting the washer to Lowe's, then from Lowe's to Whirlpool, then from Whirlpool to the raw material supplier. Differentiating the supply chain flow between a B2B site and B2C site can be confusing. I hope that the above paper aided in explaining the differences. First, the term supply chain was defined. Next, the terms B2B and B2C were explained. Finally, the differences in the supply chain flows were stated and examples given to further deepen the understanding. ...read more.

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