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Task 5 Motivating people

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lMotivating People Definition of Leadership - person or thing that leads/ A person or thing that is the most successful or advanced in a particular area - Oxford Dictionary Task A There are three main types of leadership; Authoritarian, Democratic and Laissez-Faire leadership. Authoritarian Leadership This style is leader centred. The leader does all of the planning and thinking. The job of the team is just to follow the leaders example, and do whatever they are told to. The team follows and is motivated by the leader either because he has status, charisma expertise, or the power to punish or reward. The team strive to please and satisfy the leader. The main sanction is the approval or disapproval of the leader. This kind of leadership is best when situations are life or death, and quick decisions need to be made, and are carried out without question and with discipline by the team. The main negative point is though, that there is very little individuality for the team members. If the leader makes a mistake, then everybody suffers because only he can make decisions and choices fro the team. No one other than the leader is allowed to have a say in affairs. In this style of leadership, himself holds the leader accountable for his own actions. Democratic Leadership This style of leadership is team centred. ...read more.


This makes the army efficient and swift in its responses Authoritarian leadership in the Police Authoritarian leadership is occasionally used in the Police. Usually for emergencies. In operations such as a Drugs raid, the raid is planned democratically but then carried out under authoritarian leadership. Authoritarian leadership is also employed by the use of rank, and uniforms, and also in formal modes of address such as 'sir' or 'madam'. Democratic Leadership in the Army This is used in small non-combatant groups, i.e. Army youth teams. The atmosphere is more informal and there is a lot of discussion before the leader comes to a decision. Democratic leadership is valuable in meetings, and for finding out everyone's views on a particular issue. These meeting are much better for generating ideas. Democratic leadership in the Police The police are an information-gathering organisation, and this style of leadership makes this easier, and more effective. Democracy is about listening, and this is essential for ideas to be passed up and down the chain of command. All meeting are recorded and minutes are taken, so good ideas are not forgotten. Democratic leadership spreads responsibility for both good and bad decisions. It can sometimes lead to no one talking the blame and being held to account. ...read more.


If the targets are realistic, and challenging then it can inspire the group to make more effort. However targets that are unrealistic are de-motivating to the workforce. And targets that are too easy have been shown to be ignored. There is a major drawback, if too many targets are set public service workers can suffer from 'target fatigue' and become cynical about them. Change style of leadership and management, giving more responsibility to the group. This comes from McGregor's X and Y styles of management. People are given more responsibilities and their tasks are made more varied. They are allowed to make their own decisions, instead of following orders. When used in a public service like the Police, the group will be better able to communicate, both up and down the organisation, and between themselves. This saves time because information flows more freely. Ensure good environment and good conditions of work This comes from Herzberg's Two basic needs system - the need to avoid unpleasantness and the need for personal growth. Managers work on interpersonal relations. They ensure their supervision is neither too strong nor too lax. They try to ensure everyone's salary is adequate and its puts emphasis on job security. When public service employees have job security they work harder because they are happier. They are also then working towards positive sanctions i.e. promotion. Or recognition by colleagues, management or the public. Lizzie Brownrigg IVA Task 5 ...read more.

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