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Teamwork Theorists

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Team Development Assignment 2 - Teamwork Theorists There are various types teamwork activities. Paper Based activities - Logistics and disasters Activity Based exercises - Physical Training and Team Building Work Related Activities - Completing/Achieving Work and Planning/Completing projects. Logistics - This is finding out all the materials you would need for a major project. For e.g. in the army organising where all there troops should be and when ready for either battle, housing, medical treatment and catering. The best way to ensure this all happens safely is to have and experienced team of logistics and to plan it all out before. Disasters - There are two main types f paper based disaster teams. Seminar - A seminar is a discussion that's carried to tell all the agencies all their roles and responsibilities, and the sort of emergency procedure that might be required in the case of a major incident. ...read more.


Team Building - Team building exercises can be anything that bring a team together and make them work together efficiently. It can include activities like outdoor training courses, or making teams work together to complete a task for e.g., getting over a bridge without being able to touch the water but only being allowed to use the provided resources. Or just bringing people together to find better ways of working. Achieving objectives - A major goal of working in a team in a work area is to achieve the objectives set by the organisation. These might includes things such as reducing patient waiting times, lowering response times or to reduce crime rate in a certain area. If completed it gives a great sense of achievement throughout the team. Planning and achieving a project - In most work places they will have projects that require a lot of planning and carrying out instructions in a team. ...read more.


However it weakens teams if new workers who just 'sit in' and do not contribute to the team properly. Coaching - This is linked into sports teams more than public services, it could be seen as part of the training Mentoring - This is when a more experienced member of staff guides the new recruits to a new team. It is used often in the public services for e.g. the police it is extremely valuable in the police as it could help a new officer feel part of the force. Motivation - This has a lot to do with the nature of the work and the team, also the goals and needs of the new worker also knowing their team roles and what they contribute to the team. Also the pay and working conditions will affect someone's motivation. Team Knowledge - This develops with time; the most important thing for a new team member it is important not to judge the rest of the team to quickly. It is also important for leaders to understand their teams. ...read more.

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