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Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage pregnancies are becoming a huge problem in today's society and not enough is being done to prevent them. About 900,000 pregnancies occur each year among American teenagers aged 15-19. Most of these pregnancies are unintended. ("Preventing Teenage Pregnancy" 1) Clearly not enough is being done to help prevent teenage pregnancies, because the statistics are extremely high. Not only do teenage pregnancies interfere with the success in life that these girls might ultimately achieve, teen mothers are a burden to all of us, requiring far more public assistance than adult counterparts. Further, children born to teens tend to be both socially and economically disadvantaged. ("Preventing Teenage Pregnancy" 1) If this is all true, why aren't their more programs dedicated to educating teenagers and parents about how to prevent early pregnancies? Not only can parents help, but also the involvement of schools and government is essential. The first step to preventing teenage pregnancies is making parents aware. Jesse Jackson once said, " Your children need your presence more than your presents." It is clear that there is a lot parents and adults can do to reduce the risk of kids becoming pregnant before they've grown up. ...read more.


This program works with young teenagers and families, and provides information on both abstinence and contraception. It is true that if you preach about abstinence to some teens it might affect them, but the truth is so many kids will continue to have sex. This program should be set up to teach kids how to prevent pregnancy using contraception. Harman, who runs teen programs says, "If we're serious about preventing teen pregnancy, we must make sure kids receive the information to help them make responsible choices." (Fields 23) Lastly, to help prevent teen pregnancies the government should set up programs that work with boys and young men. This program works with preteen and teenage boys, to help them receive the education and support necessary to postpone fatherhood until they are emotionally and financially capable of supporting children. ("Preventing Teenage Pregnancy" 1) Three of four girls and over half of boys report that girls who have sex do so because their boyfriends want them to. (Teen Pregnancy, Stats, Facts and Prevention" 1) If we can help educate teenage boys, and help them make responsible decisions we can essentially limit the amount of teenage pregnancies that take place in today's world. ...read more.


In Connecticut, she says, some 2,000 students are on a waiting list for adult mentors. If enough is being done to prevent teen pregnancies then 2000 teenagers should not be on a waiting list. They are obviously sending the message that they need help, and we need to provide them with it. As you can see, teenage pregnancies are becoming a huge problem in today's society and not enough is being done to prevent them. The main solution to preventing teen pregnancies starts with parents. Most teens (69%) agree it would be much easier for them to postpone sexual activity and avoid teen pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics with their parents. ("Parent Power" 7) However, not only can parents help but so can the government and schools by setting up programs that teach abstinence, contraception, and basic life skills. I'm sure this essay probably took you about 10 minutes to read. The amazing thing about that time, is that every 25 seconds another adolescent becomes pregnant. ("Sexual Issues" 1) So, in the ten minutes you spent reading this essay about 24 teenagers became pregnant. A lot more needs to be done in order to decrease that number. ...read more.

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