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Time Management and Organising my Studies

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Time Management Introduction For my assignment, I am going to begin with addressing the issues impacting the organisation of my studies, continuing on to discuss the possible resolutions, and concluding with an action plan devised to implement these resolutions. Issues There are many distractions that can affect the organisation of study. Personally, my biggest time stealers are procrastination, poor decision making and organisation skills. I will often put tasks off with the notion that "there is plenty of time" or "that can be done later" etc. "Never leave 'till tomorrow which you can do today." Benjamin Franklin Another of my distractions comes down to my surroundings. I will frequently try to start an assignment whilst sitting in the living room, with the TV on in the background, mobile phone next to me, with my email/social networking websites open on my laptop; basically juggling too many things at once. ...read more.


Now that I have set aside the time to work, I need to figure out what to use the time for exactly. I will need to look at what assignments I have and when they are due in and ensure I don't leave things to the last minute, by doing the assignments gradually. This will also help if I get stuck on any of the subject matter, as I will still have time to discuss this with the tutor. Completing the assignment early would also be beneficial as this would give time for the tutor to check the completed assignment before the due date and provide any advice. Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late. William Shakespeare To put this into action, I am going to plan out how I am going to work on my third assignment for Farm Animal Health & Husbandry, which is due in 22/02/2012. ...read more.


I will also need to sit up at a desk in order to keep focused and to also aid the organisation of subject notes, books, etc. In order to improve study, I need to follow these steps regularly - * Make a to do list of any college work and the due dates * Analyse my week's schedule * Implement regular afternoon time slots in my week's schedule for college work * Complete college work at a desk * Study alone with no TV or music in the background * Leave mobile phone on silent whilst completing college work * Stick to topic relevant websites whilst completing college work To conclude, if I keep to this action plan, I should be able to maintain a good study routine. I will take responsibility for managing my time effectively, as ultimately only I can do so. The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot. Michael Altshuler ...read more.

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