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Travel options to Paris and Manhattan

Extracts from this document...


-1- Elliott Pateman A03 In this task I will analyse the choice of methods to travel to around two destinations. The destinations I have chosen are Disneyland Paris and Manhattan, New York. To do this I will have to carry out both primary and secondary research. Primary research involves getting original data directly about the product and market. Primary research data is data that did not exist before. It is designed to answer specific questions of interest to the customer - for example: What do customers think of an alternative to a popular travel route? To collect primary data I must carry out field research. The main methods of field research are: Face-to-face interviews - interviewers ask people on the street or on their doorstep a series of questions. Telephone interviews - similar questions to face-to-face interviews, although often shorter. Online surveys - using email or the Internet. This is an increasingly popular way of obtaining primary data and much less costly than face-to-face or telephone interviews. Questionnaires - sent in the post (for example a customer feedback form sent to people who have recently bought a product or service). Focus groups and consumer panels - a small group of people meet together with a "facilitator" who asks the panel to examine a product and then asked in -2- depth questions. This method is often used when a business is planning to introduce a new product or brand name. In most cases it is not possible to ask all existing or potential customers the questions that the business wants answering. So primary research makes use of surveys and sampling to obtain valid results. The main advantages of primary research and data are that it is: * Up to date. * Specific to the purpose - asks the questions the business wants answers to. * Collects data which no other business will have access to (the results are confidential). ...read more.


For a family or group of 4 or more, it is properly cheaper to use a private transfer service and save time and money. The company VEA offers service shuttle bus between airports Orly, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle International Airport Beauvais and Park Disneyland (r) Paris. There shuttle provides transportation every 20 min rush hours, from 8:30 to 19h45 depending on destination. So it is made easy, however travelling by plane might favour those without children, as generally there is more waiting around when going by plane and both buses and planes (planes depending on class travelling by) are usually cramped. From Charles de Gaulle they serve at the terminal 2E/2F. The trips last an average of 45 minutes plus time for loading and removal of passengers at various stops VEA. And If the travellers are going to Charles de Gaulle airport, VEA provides express bus service and regular communication between the various terminals (except terminal G served by the airport shuttle N2) for a file in Terminal 2F, then you wait for your VEA as to take you directly to your hotel at Disneyland (r) Paris. When at Disneyland Paris, the traveller can get themselves around by walking as the park is all within walking distance with other areas of the park, although if the customers hotel is in a different part of Paris or they just wanted to visit Paris one day, then they is numerous taxis and buses. And if from Paris they can get the metro back to the Disneyland Parkas they can just Take the RER A metro in Paris towards Marne La Vall´┐Że. -16- New York, Manhattan http://flightaware.com/live/flight_track_bigmap.rvt?ident=VIR10-1271385052-231-0&airports=KJFK+EGLL&height=340&width=400&departuretime=1271472660&arrivaltime= The picture above is a flight path between Heathrow airport, and the JFK airport in New York, the flight takes around 7 hours to New York but on the way back it is slightly less because of the jet streams. If they travel by plane they can go on a charter flight or a scheduled flight, A charter flight is generally an aircraft chartered by a holiday company, and may operate once or twice a week to various destinations. ...read more.


Madison and Fifth Avenue buses). Maps in Subway Stations One of the most helpful things about New York City's subway stations is the maps located near the entrances. In addition to having a map of the subway system, there is normally a neighbourhood map that shows the streets in the area in detail. It's a good idea to check out the map before you leave the subway, but it's also great to know that if you're lost near a subway station, you can always duck in and check out a map to find your way around. -30- If the tourist does go to the JFK airport, then it is easy to travel to Manhattan. Budget travellers who don't mind carrying their own luggage will find the new Air Train JFK a welcome addition to New York City's extensive public transit offerings. For $7 and in just an hour, visitors can make it between JFK and Manhattan. You Should Know: Air Train JFK requires transferring to a subway or train in order to reach Manhattan -- the Air Train does not travel directly to Manhattan. Pros * Affordable ($7 verses $45 cab fare) * Efficient -- 35 minutes between JFK & Penn Station (using LIRR) Cons * You have to carry your own luggage * Not always a great value for families and groups * You'll have to transfer to the subway to get into Manhattan Description * At Federal Circle(C), riders can transfer between trains for Howard Beach(A) & Jamaica Station(D). * Station C also offers access to hotel shuttles and rental car services. * Station B (Lefferts Blvd) on the Howard Beach route allows access to long term and employee parking. * Signs are posted for transfer between AirTrain & Subway/LIRR in Howard Beach and Jamaica Station. * AirTrain Fare: $5 * Subway Fare: $2 (payable on MetroCard) * MetroCard vending machines are available just before the AirTrain exits in Jamaica/Howard Beach. * Coming from JFK, pay for AirTrain upon exit. Coming to JFK, pay for AirTrain at entrance ...read more.

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