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Uniformed Public Services Unit 1 Assignment 1

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Unit 1 : Government Policies and the Public Services UK government and the electoral process The UK is a democracy (rule by the people). It allows us to select people to represent us and run our country. Those people are called our Government. Our government is made up of 6 layers. For each of the layers of government, there is an electoral process. The layers of Government are: * Central government * Devolved parliaments * County Councils * Greater London Assembly * Metropolitan Councils * Other Local Authorities Central Government Central government (or National Government) is the body that runs the country. It meets at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. Parliament actually consists of three parts: the Queen, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The Queen is the official head of Parliament but doesn't have any real power. The House of Lords recommends changes to bills from the House of Commons. The House of Commons is where the MPs sit, debate and vote on policies. ...read more.


This is viewed as a fairer system as every vote counts. County Councils The UK is divided into Counties such as Derbyshire, Kent etc and County Councils have responsibility for the running of services in their area. County Councils are part of Local Government. They are responsible for things like education and planning. Local Authorities raise half their money through council tax on every household who lives in that area and business rates on business premises. Central Government provides the other half. People vote for a councillor to represent their ward. The Party with the highest number of councillors is the ruling party. In a County Council, often not one party has an overall majority - this is known as a Hung Council and two parties may have to join together to be in overall charge. Councillors can stand for four years but Local Elections may happen more regularly than that, depending on when new councillors need to be elected. ...read more.


Exceptions are those serving a prison sentence. Any one becoming the age of 18 in the next election, and wishing to vote, must first fill out a form. This can be done by one member of the family that puts down who is living with them and who is eligible. There are two registers in total, the full register and the edited register. The edited register is the only register that the public can view. People who don't wish to be placed on this have been removed. There are two ways in which people can vote. The first is by going to a polling station that is usually set up temporarily at a local school or hall. Everyone who enters is first ticked off a register of their community and given a voting slip. They then go into a booth so no one can see who they vote for. The other way to vote is by post, whereby a voting card is sent to the persons' house along with a stamped addressed envelope attached. ...read more.

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