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Uniformed Public Services Unit 2 Assignment 1

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Styles of Leadership A definition of leadership is "the ability to impress the will of the leader on those led and induce obedience, respect, loyalty and co-operation (steward (1927))". Another is "the process (act) of influencing the activities of an original group in its efforts towards goal setting and goal achievement (Stodgill (1948)). Leaders are basically people that organise a group to perform a task(s). Achieving these tasks depends on good or bad leadership. It can also depend on the style of leadership used. These different styles can affect how the leader is seen by others and how the leader works to achieve the tasks set by them or others. Overall, the style used will determine the effectiveness of the leader and its team. Types of Leadership Authoritarian Leadership Authoritarian leadership is when the leader tells the people what they must do and leaves them with no room to use their own decisions. This style of leadership relies on the leader to give the image of a decisive and hard leader. They must also make it clear that they do not tolerate misconduct or dissent. The advantage of this style is that it gives quick decisions and maintains discipline. ...read more.


This style recognises and encourages achievements, therefore motivating the team. This promotes team building and team spirit. This style of leadership how ever leads to lengthy decision-making. This may in turn compromise the effective use and cost of recourses. This style can also lead to a compromise of discipline. The team leader The team leader is responsible for the safety and work ethic of their assigned team. They must ensure that they are used effectively to achieve the goals set The cost of bad leadership Bad leadership can lead to... * Lack of motivation in staff * Leaving of staff * Wastage of recourses * Non-completion of objectives set * Compromise of safety * Lack of teamwork In the worst cases of bad leadership, mutiny can breakout in the team and the leader replaced. Emergence and selection of Leaders Leaders emerge in different ways... Birth People become leaders at birth. This is because they are the heirs of an already great leader. They there for have the leadership position passed on to them or inherit it when they die. This emergence of a leader is true of the reining monarch. Appointed by others Leaders are sometimes chosen by others. ...read more.


These abilities can sometimes be exercised in other people. A common leader that is selected in this manner is a fitness instructor. Intellect abilities This is the same as physical abilities except the person is more intelligent and not fitter. A common leader with this quality would be a teacher of an intellectual subject like maths, science etc. Styles of leadership in the public services Authoritarian Leadership is well known to be used in the Military. It maintains good discipline, which in turn helps in team building and organisation. The military ensure that leaders are clearly shown by their epaulette. Threats are used sometimes to give the team more reason to be successful. This style of leadership is also used in the Police service except threats are rarely used and employees have more of an input. The medical service as a whole, use more than one style of leadership. The paramedics use a form of authoritarian leadership where quick decisions have to be made and goals have to be achieved. The employees, however, sometimes have to make their own decisions and the threat, although it is not given, is a patient may die because of their decision. Like the military and the police, the paramedics also have epaulettes to show who is in charge. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Woolley Unit 2 Assignment 1 Page 4 ...read more.

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