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Uniformed Public Services Unit 7 Assignment 2

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Unit 7: Physical Preparation and fitness for the Uniformed Services The Skeletal system The Skeletal system basically refers to the skeleton of the human body. The skeletal system gives the body support, maintains the body's shape, allows movement and in some cases provides protection. The human adult body contains 252 bones in total. Bones and their purpose Bones of the Head and chest * Skull (cranium)- This provides shape for the head and protection for the brain. * Vertebra- this allows movement of the back and provides support. Its most important function is to carry nerve signals from the brain to other parts of the body and back. * Sternum- this bone is quite strong and is connected to the ribs. It provides the main protection to the centre of the respiratory system. * Rib(s)- there are a number of these bones that surround the lungs and heart. They start at the spine, round the body to the sternum. This whole structure is known as the rib cage. Bones of the arm and hand The arm bones consist of... * Humerus * Ulna * Radius * Carpals * Metacarpals The only purpose of these bones is to provide movement along with the muscles that surround them. Bones of the leg and foot Again, these bones are for support and movement. ...read more.


Step 2 The alveoli in the lungs take the oxygen to the arteries. Step 3 The blood in the arteries exchanges the carbon dioxide in the haemoglobin for the oxygen. Step 4 The heart uses four chambers to pump the blood through the arteries to the body. Step 5 The oxygen is used to create energy and is exchanged in the body for carbon dioxide. Step 6 The body pumps back the carbon dioxide through the veins. Step 7 The bronchioles in the lungs take the carbon dioxide from the veins. Step 8 The diaphragm relaxes and the lungs breathe out the carbon dioxide. Effects of exercise on the body's systems Muscular system Continuous use of the muscles during exercise will cause the body to grow more tendons so that the muscle can apply more force when in use. Cardio vascular system Continuous exercise will cause the Heart to beet faster in order to send oxygen and energy from food to all the cells of the body. The heart on its own is basically a muscle. Therefore continuous exercise will strengthen the so more blood can be pumped faster. Respiratory system Continuous exercise will cause the body to grow a wider surface are on the alveoli of the lungs. ...read more.


Fitness requirements in the uniformed public services When applying for employment in the public services it is necessary to have reasonable fitness levels. They host a range of physical activities in order to test all parts of the body. The cardio vascular and respiratory tests consist of * The Bleep test * The 100m dash * Stamina run There are then a rang of tests in order to test muscular strength. These usually involve push up and sit up within a certain period of time. Personal fitness plan A personal fitness plan is a time tabled set of activities that will improve the body's personal fitness. The Uniformed Public Services have fitness plans set for their employees so that they can maintain their physical fitness and improve. The fitness plan below is one I have designed for myself. I followed this fitness plan for six weeks and my records were as follows. * 55 push ups in 2 minutes * 63 sit ups in 2 minutes * 26 seconds to run 200 metres * 3minuits 30 seconds to cycle 1km The other activities were for physiological health. Yoga helped circulation of the blood and allowed me to become very relaxed. Ti chi allowed me to practice balance and centring of the body. Fitness test results ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Woolley Unit 7 Uniformed Public services Page 1 ...read more.

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