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You and your students Reflective Learning Journal PTLLS

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Appendix 5 Reflective Learning Journal Name of candidate M.S Lesson number: The main points from this journal fit into assessment task no: You and Your Students Session 3, 26/3/09 1-4pm Sections 3 and 4 of theory Assessment. The main points I have learnt from this module/session are: In this session we covered individual needs and differentiation of students taking into account barriers challenges and attitudes to learning that may Affect the learning process. Out of this need to assess a students learning ability and other factors that may affect his learning, whether positively or otherwise, the use of a unique individual learning plan that takes into account and coincides within the framework of their learning style and abilities and skills. ...read more.


How I could develop my practical skills as a result of this module/session: My initial thoughts on preparing myself in dealing with needs and wants of my students to ensure success in my classes, that need to make sure that I am observant of all my students so as I can tap into their interpersonal skills and build a trust with my students where they feel that we can work together to ensure their success, as their success is my success so inevitably we are in this together, their success will enable them to progress and my courses to flourish. An ILP presumes that the needs of individual students are different, and thus, must be differently addressed, giving the tutor and students a great start in self learning and developing resources to meet an individual's needs, further study ...read more.


My tutor said I did well just needed to put fear to one side and take just a tad more control, but raising your voice at adults to get their attention is a little more nerve racking that a class full of children. Finally I volunteered to start next week's session, as my class mates seemed a little shy to volunteer. I will continue to develop my knowledge and understanding on Roles and responsibilities of a teacher and adapting methods and techniques to compliment the learner through progressive and successive learning. I intended to use my course to develop my interpersonal skills and teaching strategies for all types of learners by working with and analyzing my fellow students through interaction at appropriate times in the sessions Candidate signature: M.S............................ Date: ......... ...read more.

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