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Youth Drivers in New Zealand

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"Youth crashes car, killing all" Just one of the many news headlines that we see all the time in New Zealand regarding youth drivers. 15 is far too young for a person to be in control of 1200 kilograms of malicious metal. New Zealand needs to catch up to the rest of the world and raise the driving age. Youth drivers are causing too many problems on our roads as results of their drink driving and the powerful cars that they own. Currently there are 400,000 drivers aged 15-25 on New Zealand's roads. This group accounts for nearly a third of all road deaths and injuries. Because of this, the New Zealand population needs to take action and raise the driving age so that the roads can be safer again. Drink driving is a choice. Those who choose to partake in this harmful activity do so at the risk of them and everyone else on the road. Sadly many young drivers do not heed the countless warnings given to them and choose to engage themselves in such dangerous doings. ...read more.


In the year 2005 teenage drivers were involved in 4507 crashes with 47% of those being because of their speed. Currently there are no laws stating what cars young drivers can or cannot drive. As a result of this, many teenagers are behind the wheels of souped up cars, sometimes with engines more powerful than 2000cc. With alterations such as rotary engines and lowered bodies, these cars are extremely dangerous when placed in the hands of na�ve and inexperienced youths. During weekends large groups of teenage boy racers congregate to race their cars, tear up the roads, and show off to their friends. Sadly too often these boy racers are involved in roading accidents. Just the other week a starter for an illegal drag race in Mount Manganui was killed after a boy racer ploughed into him. Too many people cannot control these beasts of power, resulting in devastating consequences for all involved. A leading expert on the study of boy racers, Ashley Yakas, believes that "To put a stop to the racers we need to put power limits on vehicles. ...read more.


Placing power limits on cars for youth drivers would help to solve the problems that are created by boy racers and would hopefully decrease the number of accidents caused by speed. Implementing longer transitional periods between learners, restricted, and full licenses and making defensive driving courses compulsory will give the younger drivers more experience and the results will show, with far less drivers making inexperienced and dangerous calls whilst in their cars. Also implementing larger fines for young drivers who break the rules of their license category will discourage the youths from making the risky decisions that so many of them make. These are some of the many choices that may be made regarding New Zealand's low driving age and almost any decision will benefit the public of New Zealand and will help to keep the youth drivers under control. New Zealand has the lowest legal driving age in the entire Western world. With our country roads and tough driving conditions, it is not at all appropriate for New Zealand to lead the way in letting young drivers on the road. New Zealand needs to step up and make a change by raising the driving age. ...read more.

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