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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. What is the nature of employment in the music industry?

    In the music industry there are many types of employment which is needed for the industry to survive some of which are promoters, electricians, engineers, producers, make-up artists, designers, technicians, accountants, finance advisors, stylists, general road crew, roadies, gofers, stage mangers and not forgetting the best until last the performers and managers. A Promoter to me suggests promotion and advertising, hence anyone calling them selves a promoter organising an event and then not making any attempt to advertise it is not doing a particularly good promotion job.

    • Word count: 4066
  2. In this assignment I am going to be explaining and assessing how I think that music technology can be used safely in live applications and performances. I am going to be doing this by giving detailed and descriptive examples. For the second part of the as

    What is a risk assessment? A risk assessment is the identification and quantification of the risk resulting from a specific use or occurrence of equipment, taking into account the possible effects on individual people or society of using that particular equipment or object in the way and manner proposed and avoiding any type of injury to both performers, staff and the audience of that particular venue. A risk assessment would out line all the hazards of a venue then explain the action which is going to be taken to avoid or prevent something from happening or how to solve the matter if it does.

    • Word count: 3454
  3. Free essay

    Price List and Evaluation of Equipment

    Pioneer DJM400 4/5 �449 (htfr) 12 month warranty quite expensive almost a 6th of the budget. .2 Channel + 1 Mic This is not as many channels as I had hoped for this means only 2 audio sources and 1 vocalist can be mixed. .3 band EQ with kill switch This has the 3 band EQ needed to effectively level mixes enough to sit on top of each other. .replaceable fader Good for long term maintenance, fader is usually the first thing to break and being able to replace the fader without the whole mixer will be an advantage in the long run.

    • Word count: 4245
  4. Performance Investigation: Bolling Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio: Baroque and Blue

    Bolling was a former child prodigy whose jazz groups have become known all over Europe and he remains one of the most popular classical/jazz musicians in France (if not Europe). Rampal made a large number of classical recordings but his main focus was on cross over and progressive music, as shown clearly by his desire for the piece to be written in the first place. Zucker's recordings have all focused on Baroque, Classical and Romantic music with very little in terms of contemporary music.

    • Word count: 4103
  5. Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov's Concerto for Trombone, composed in 1878. The work is one that I have been studying as a performer and thus have opted to study it in-depth, looking into the differing interpretations of it by performers

    The next two bars are primarily as written, with Lindberg employing a crescendo in the fifth bar. Upon the climatic note of the phrase, the G, there is very little vibrato used, but he does crescendo through the note, then places the following note, the F, but increases the value closer to a crochet rather than what I expected which was a more staccato quaver value. When comparing this opening to that of Law's in the second recording there are immediate obvious comparisons. The first of which is the tempo difference; Law takes the opening faster at approximately 145-148 b.p.m.

    • Word count: 3527

    This meant that, as a faith, they rejected the traditional rules which governed dress code, diet, and purity. There was a sense of community rather than a religious longing and yearning to return to Palestine. Reform Jews were considered to be more of a social gain than a religious cult, some even saw the Reform movement as bringing Judaism 'up to date'. It is difficult to determine the type of Judaism represented in Falsettoland as no explicit references are made, however, throughout the course of this paper, the use of features of both traditional Orthodox Judaism and Reform Judaism suggest that Falsettoland depicts a hybrid of the two.

    • Word count: 3969
  7. The Effect of Music on Performance of a Task

    This idea was also supported by Allport (1920), who demonstrated that college students performing multiplication tests also worked faster alongside other students. But there is an opposite side to social facilitation - social loafing. This describes the process whereby when in a group, an individual puts less effort into a task. Latane, Williams and Harkins (1979) demonstrated this to good effect when they found that when children were asked to be noisy, they were more quiet when they were in the group and were louder on their own.

    • Word count: 4858
  8. Performance studies - The Language of Performing Arts .

    We believed that the silence would give our piece more individuality, create tension, and un-nerve the audience as this was a concept they would not be particularly familiar with. An example of an expression we used was shocked. This was shown through a startled expression characterised by wide eyes and an open mouth. We rehearsed over this but then we decided that performing our piece in complete silence didn't work as well as we had hoped, as it didn't get the eerie story line across to the audience.

    • Word count: 3569
  9. French Flute Music between 1935 and 1955: Varèse, Messiaen and Jolivet

    Le merle noir by Messiaen is also written for flute and piano whereas the other works are for flute alone. This thesis will consist of three parts, or approaches to the flute music of Messiaen, Var�se and Jolivet. The first part considers a more general view of the solo flute and how, over time, the music written for flute has moved away from the orchestra and become more experimental, not only for the performer but also the listener. I will move through centuries and look at how different composers had various approaches and opinions of the flute.

    • Word count: 8490
  10. The impact of California Smoking Bar Banned to the bar owners in Orange County.

    It is more than the number of deaths caused by AIDS, alcohol, drug abuse, car crashes, murders, suicides, and fires combined, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Therfore, the government tries to discourage smoking by indicating the effects of it. Everybody knows that smoking does not have any advantage. In fact, the consequences of it are devastating. Although the majority of people know its consequences, the number of smokers is still increasing especially on teenagers. For instance, teens invariably cite social status and "looking cool" as the main reasons they started smoking.

    • Word count: 4569
  11. Origin of Bharatanatyam.

    It is believed that he has taken pathya (words) form the Rigveda, abhinaya (gesture) from the Yajurveda, geet (music and chant) from Samaveda and rasa (sentiment and emotional element) from Atharvaveda to form the fifth veda, Natyaveda. After creating this natyaveda, Lord Brahma gave the same to sage Bharata and asked him to popularise this veda on earth. Following the words of Lord Brahma, sage Bharata wrote Natyashastra or the Science of Dramaturgy, a great, comprehensive work on the science and technique of Indian drama, dance and music.Bharatanatyam might have got its name from sage Bharata also.The dancers still follow this work to perform.

    • Word count: 12731
  12. Blade runner - film review.

    Most of the women have cigarettes held in their well-manicured hands, which are attached to long expensive cigarette holder filters. All this suggests that the people are very affluent and opulent clients or members of this brothel. The women as I mentioned before wear large hats with veils that conceal their eyes. This is linked to the beginning of the film and that the human eye is the doorway to the soul. These women don't wish to reveal their eyes as they wish not to expose the fear in their eyes, and they wish to blend in with the crowd and so conceal their eyes from sight especially as they are replicants.

    • Word count: 3502
  13. In the Performance Studies course we have been learning about the processes of improvising and rehearsing which has led to three separate performances in each of the three major art forms, Dance, Drama and Music.

    Canon is a technique used in music composition too. Stillness was added when a pair continued to dance in unison whilst the other pair remained still, similar to silence in music. By varying the time, the rhythm and tempo of the piece was effected, further developing the original motif. The final motif structure consisted of our individual motifs, which progressed to the pair work, which in turn culminated in the group work. This process is very similar to the way in which the texture of a piece of music is built up.

    • Word count: 3220
  14. Consider historically and critically a chosen genre of popular music - Rap music.

    The first commercial success of the rap song "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang in 1979 helped bring rap music into the national spotlight.6 The 1980s saw the continued success of rap music with many artists such as Run DMC (who had the first rap album to go gold in 1984)7, L. L. Cool J, Fat Boys, and the west coast rappers Ice-T and N.W.A (Niggers with Attitude) becoming popular. Rap music was a way for youths in black inner city neighbourhoods to express what they were feeling, seeing, and living and it became a form of entertainment.

    • Word count: 3356
  15. An Evaluation of the Marketing Strategy of Nestl Yorkie Chocolate Bars.

    They sell a number of different variations of the bar for instance Fruit Yorkie, Raisin and Biscuit and Honeycomb. The bar is aimed at men of about 12 - 50 who need something to 'fill a hole'. It is a chunky, macho bar and these properties are reflected in the advertising slogan. The chocolate bar has been around for quite a long time but recently it has been re-launched with a new image and 'New, Improved Flavour'. Yorkie's unique selling point is that it is chunky and 'macho'. The bar is currently going through quite a mature part of its product lifecycle but it could slightly be going into decline because there are more and more similar bars coming onto the market and could make the Yorkie bar go into decline.

    • Word count: 4012
  16. The stimulus we were given for our drama piece was a painting by Paula Rego called

    Initial brainstorms we had were focused on light, physicality and gesture in the picture and we didn't want it to be 'story - led' as we felt this would be too simplistic and wouldn't allow us to explore our skills and techniques as performers. In the early stages of improvisation, we decided that tension was vital in our scene, so this had to be created by silences and gestures instead of dialogue, a skill we had refined further in our skills workshops.

    • Word count: 3476
  17. Language of Performing Arts

    I sat in the middle of the acting space rocking back and forth giving rhythm to the scene. The distant proxemics between the 'cross' and me showed the distant relationship between the characters we were beginning to create, at that time. This was successful as it gave us an idea of where to go next without tying us down to a script so early in the devising process. We introduced music to the first motif by use of our own voices, we felt this would give a more surreal effect and we had more freedom to create the appropriate sounds.

    • Word count: 3376
  18. Learning to play the Dhol - Diary/Write Up

    which lowers the pitch and provides a well defined tone. I has two skins on either side, which are made from goats hide. Rope is then woven thorough the edge of both skins and they are tensioned to produced a bass and treble sound. It is extremely loud and is played with 2 sticks made from cane - one curved beater and one flat stick which provide an exciting combination of thumps and slaps. Long ago, during the Mogul empire in the late 16th Century a primitive from of the Dhol was played are war; called a "Nagara" (the equivalent to side drummers in British Battalions).

    • Word count: 3984
  19. The Effect of Music on Performance of a Task

    It is especially relevant in situations where groups of people are performing a task together, as discovered by Triplett in one of the first social influence experiments, conducted in 1898. He found that when children were asked to spin a fishing reel, it was spun faster when they were performing in groups than on their own. This effect was termed 'social facilitation', as the presence of others appeared to help, or facilitate, the person performing the task. This idea was also supported by Allport (1920), who demonstrated that college students performing multiplication tests also worked faster alongside other students.

    • Word count: 4965
  20. How does Jacques Loussier’s interpretation of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor differ from its original arrangement for organ?

    I have chosen this piece as it is frequently associated with horror movies and also unquestionably one of the best known of organ works. The first version is the original Baroque arrangement for pipe organ, and the second is an arrangement is a jazz interpretation by the Jacques Loussier Trio. By seeing how this piece from the Baroque Period is rearranged into a contemporary jazz style, perhaps we can see why Bach's works and other pieces from the Baroque period are so often "jazzed up" by modern artists.

    • Word count: 4359

If you love music and play it to a good standard then A level Music could well be the best decision you make. In some courses the majority of the final marks are assessed by performance and composition. As well as practical assessments there are written examinations to contend with so whilst you'll develop your instrumental and compositional skills you'll also significantly broaden your musical knowledge.

A level Music requires definite skills and Marked by Teachers has a huge selection of high-quality essay answers to help you gain an understanding of what examiners are looking for.

It is expected that you'll able to read music by the time you begin the course and a Grade 5 in your chosen instrument is generally required too. Those who study Music at this level can continue to degree level, but if you choose not to it is still highly beneficial; university admissions tutors know that this is a challenging course which develops significant creative and evaluative strengths.


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  • Discuss the extent to which Gabrieli's "In ecclesiis" can be understood as an example of the new Baroque style.

    "In conclusion the piece does have many late Renaissance features such as an antiphonal texture in parts, however there are many more prominent features indicating that it is strongly rooted in the new Baroque style. Therefore Gabrieli can be seen as one of the founders of the new Baroque style, leading to the Baroque era, which blossomed less then a century after this work was published."

  • Discuss the six headings for Ghost Dancers.

    "I have come to the conclusion that every little detail is essential to make Ghost Dances effective, but although the lighting effects and sound visualisation do count, the quality of the dance is the most important aspect. I feel that all of the lighting and musical accompaniment contribute excellently to this piece."

  • Compare and contrast ‘Ghost Dances’ and ‘Rooster’ by Christopher Bruce.

    "Despite the fact that 'Ghost Dances' depicts a moving narrative, I personally prefer 'Rooster.' This is because, like Bruce, I happen to love the pulsating rhythm of 60's music and more particularly, that of the 'Rolling Stones'. I think that 'Rooster' has a greater variety of expression and I find it a far more entertaining theatrical piece of dance. I believe it evokes a feeling of well being in the viewer which I personally think to be an essential aspect and ingredient for a successful dance."

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