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AS and A Level: Music

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  1. Discuss the development of instrumental music from 1430 to 1750

    By adding accidentals, musicians developed what we know today as the major and minor scales. There was a clear divide between sacred and secular works. Sacred music was focused on voices (called ?a cappella?) so contained hardly any instruments. The words were typically in Latin, the sound was sweeter and had a more melodic sound. Composers frequently used imitative polyphony and ?word painting?, a musical representation of images. Much emphasis was put on capturing emotion and imagery at this time.

    • Word count: 1148
  2. Music in Elizabethan England and St Mark's Cathedral in Venice

    As she was a particularly popular monarch her example was followed by the English people. Queen Elizabeth encouraged composers and musicians, employing over 70 musicians and singers. Queen Elizabeth?s avid support of music is an excellent example of the importance of music during this era as it showed that music popular with even the most important figures. Theatre was a prominent form of entertainment in Elizabethan England and this fact can partially be attributed to the accompaniment of music. Theatre music was a vital component in many plays, primarily used to enhance the atmosphere of various scenes.

    • Word count: 762
  3. In what ways in Stravinsky's Pulcinella Neo-Classical?

    listener should be able to follow, and will seem all the more striking by virtue of this framework of styles of the past. The opening Sinfonia appears to follow the conventions of a Baroque movement in ritornello form. The ritornello theme returns in shortened forms and in different keys during the movement with intervening episodes. These episodes are played by solo groups of instruments in the manner of a concerto grosso.

    • Word count: 593
  4. The Beatles have come to be known as one of the most influential bands in history. In their short time together as a band, they garnered many firsts in the music industry.

    They knew the audience wasn?t hearing them and would resort to a lot of goofing around on stage. For this reason the band was unable to improve musically. So in 1966 they stopped touring and became one of the first studio-only bands. At this point in their career, the Beatles were becoming increasingly busy. They were becoming so busy that they didn?t have time to fit in all the public appearances around the world to promote their music. In order to remedy this problem they needed to find a way to make an appearance without having to travel.

    • Word count: 1277
  5. Evaluation of using Logica to produce my rock track.

    In order to plan my track; I listened to different songs in my favourite genre, rock and tried to find tunes on the programmed similar to the songs that I enjoy. I made rough notes on what sounds I wanted to use for my track. This helped me with making the actual track, as I knew what sounds went well together. Tom helped me with the backing beats and the tempo of the song; this made the process of making the song quick and easy. He also listened to my track and gave me pointers on how to improve it.

    • Word count: 651

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