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A life in the day of me.

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A LIFE IN THE DAY OF "ME" I have to get up quite early on a Saturday, well early for me, half nine - ridiculous. It's because I have a music lesson at half ten. The sound of that droning alarm with that repetitive beeping seems to wake you up by attempting to drive you insane. As I turn to flick that grey switch which will bring the peace and tranquillity back, the light gets me, blinding, like a thousand knives piercing my eyes over and over. My body as I twist to flick the switch moulds into a twisted archway, like an archway of vines or ivy, my arm and fingers stretch out, feeling the air. Like a snake flicking its tongue I squirm to relieve my ears of the BEEP, BEEP BEEPIN' noise. I swing my legs over the edge of my bed like an anchor being thrown over board to land a Caribbean pirate ship. The floor seems soft but hard at the same time; a sudden chill shoots up my spine as the covers sail away from my body, towards the far away land of the floor by the door. ...read more.


Only fifteen minutes to be in Stanmore, got the music books, got the trainers and most of all got the cd's that drive my dad up the wall. Don't you love being a teenager? The drive is, well unique to say in the slightest, I has to be one of the most depressing, boring, brain cell killing experiences anyone cold experience. And people think that it is bad the first time, wait until you have done the same journey since you were seven, yeah, that brings me back I've been playing the piano eight and a half years. I play using the Suzuki method, that's when there aren't exams and so you don't forget the reason you are playing is to have fun and not try to be the best. My dad pulls up to the house, a beautiful looking one, decorated superbly inside, quite exquisite! Ring the front bell, as I star through the glass door, and see the familiar shadow of my teacher, moving awkwardly but professionally towards the door. ...read more.


My dad tries to be funny, succeeds but looks ridiculous, he dances and makes jokes as we drive along and sings. As if things couldn't be funnier my dad opens his mouth, heaven and hell part on the sound that shall now exit his contracting vocal chords. The rest of the day seems to drift by, a quite light feel of relaxation. During the afternoon my crew comes over and we make a tape or simply have a mix and a laugh, the turntables are spinning, the tunes are dropping and the sweat is flooding of us, like torrents. Whir, whir, whir the fan speeds up, its blade spin round and round like a dog trying to chase his tale, with no idea that it shall never catch it. About twelve, me and my mate our in our beds down stairs watching TV, parents our out or just got in, the days tolls and the fun with the crew begin to take their tolls and sleep seems to be a good option. ...read more.

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