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African dance music.

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Contents Map of Africa 1 Definitions 2 African drums and other instruments 3 Styles of African dance music 6 African dance rhythms 7 Map of Africa 1 Definitions Polyrhythm - two or more rhythms heard simultaneously. Mnemonics - a device for remembering something. Syncopation - the accentuation of a beat that is normally weak or unaccented.. Cyclic - circular, recurring in cycles. Call and response - when one person sings and a crowd repeats. 2 African drums and other instruments Beautifully carved rosewood doumbek. They look and sound wonderful. Bolt tuned for easy adjustments. And the heads can easily be replaced if needed. Fun drum! Great bass snare drum. ...read more.


This is traditionally a "talking" instrument, capable of transmitting messages by sound over long distances. In modern times, these log drums are used mostly for music. Each drum has a few "sweet spots" which produce especially nice tones. It is possible to get more tones by hitting the drums away from the sweet spots, also. Great sounding wood bongos. Nice, simple wood finish. Easily bolt tunable. Made from shea trees with gourd resonators, these are the "real deal". Large instruments - Perfect sound! 4 The shekere or Axatse rattle is a gourd covered in netting with seeds attached to rattle against the hard side of the gourd. The shekere often plays variations on the rhythm played by the bell. ...read more.


The drums are conga-like and played with hands. Sogba. Social dance music, probably heard more than any other style because it allows for relaxed social fellowship and song. 6 African dance rhythms Highlife Dance music which originated in Ghana in the early twentieth century, a fusion of traditional rhythms and European influences, including military brass band music, church hymns, and sea shanties. Juju Juju music evolved from the traditional music of the Yoruba tribe combined with international influences including Christian church hymns and Latin American rhythms. Modernized juju, which may include synthesizers, is called Yo-Pop. Soukous Soukous, a combination of Cuba rumba and Congolese rhythms, arose in the 1950s. It issometimes refered to as Lingala music as the lyrics were sung in Lingala, the interethnic trading language. The style became popular in London and Paris in the 1980s. 7 ...read more.

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