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An afghan wedding is interesting and unique

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GCSE Coursework Original writing: An Afghan wedding An Afghan wedding is interesting and unique. We have our own special ways of doing things. An Afghan wedding it is a most remarkable and astonishing occasion. You get to experience wonderful things, eat lovely food, listen to music, dancing and you get to talk, laugh and have an enjoyable time with your loved ones and celebrate the beginning of a couple's new life. The wedding party begins around 4 or 5 o' clock. As you enter the hall there is usually a row of men at one side and a row of women at the other side, these men and women would mostly be the family members of the bride and groom, and would be greeting the guests who enter and lead them to the highly magnificent, stylish, well presented hall with everything just the way it would be in a fairy tale. Guests at an Afghan wedding, women, men, girls and boys are all dressed in exceedingly expensive luxurious clothes and jewelleries, as they show their finest appearance at the wedding. ...read more.


as though they are a King and Queen. After the "Ahesta bero" is done the bride and groom is covered under a much decorated shawl where the groom will look at his bride's face in a mirror and will read a prayer from the Holy Quran. In past decades this would have been the first time ever that the bride and groom would have seen each others faces due to arranged marriages. The shawl is then lifted and the bride and groom feed each other "Maaleda" (which is made from bread and mixed with sugar and cooked and it is very sweet) and beverage as the guests applaud. The actual religious ceremony where the Mullah and the witness, the bride and grooms family agree upon the prenuptial contract occurs behind the scene either before dinner or after dinner. The next song that follows is "Hena beyarin bar dastash gozarain" which means bring henna (Henna a red colored dye which leave an orange red stain on the skin) ...read more.


At the end of ceremony "Attan" will be performed, Attan is a traditional Afghan dance. A huge circle is created and the performers will follow each other going round and round in a circle to the beat as the rhythm and as the beats go faster the slower participants drop out and the people who can dance and move that fast keep on dancing till the song finishes. The music is finished and the hosts along with bride and groom stand by the door to show their respect and thank the guests for coming to their wedding ceremony, when this happens the brides father ties round his daughter with a green fabric and inside that fabric can either be money or gold, they the father will pray for his daughter that she would be happy in her life with her new husband. As the people leave tired and drained from all that dancing and eating they then go to their homes and have a nice relaxing, calming and peaceful sleep. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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