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An Experiment To Show Weather The Tempo (speed) Of A Piece Of Background Music Can Affect The Performance Of a Task.

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An Experiment To Show Weather The Tempo (speed) Of A Piece Of Background Music Can Affect The Performance Of a Task CONTENTS ABSTRACT According to the study conducted by xxxxx (19xx) The aim of the present study was The method used was The result was............(probability) The conclusion was Background Music is a factor which could affect the performance of a task. Music in some way has affected everybody, whether good or bad at some point. It is only recently that music has become seriously analysed and tested in different situations in order to recognise its true effects. Most people relate a piece of music to a event, and by hearing the music you are reminded of the event, for example, if you had a certain piece of music played at your wedding, that song when played would remind you of the day. Also different cultures have different types of music and can be stereotyped into that type of music, e.g. Scottish people are assumed to play the bagpipes. So music is a big factor in culture also. Music therapy is now being used by psychiatrists to relax and help patients. With music as a topic, there are many possible ideas in what to test, but the idea that seemed most important to explore was that, how different types of music would affect the performance of a person performing a task. I was interested to find out what sort of music affects the amount of work produced and the quality of the work produced. ...read more.


+ , - , O 1 5 1 7 + 2 6 2 7 + 3 6 3 6 O 4 7 4 7 O 5 4 5 8 + 6 5 6 8 + 7 5 7 8 + 8 6 8 7 + 9 5 9 8 + 10 4 10 8 + Table one shows that there was an evident difference between performances of the two groups, suggesting that having slow music playing in the background enhances performance, compared to fast music. Here is a table to show the results of the controlled study (no music) NO MUSIC RESULT 1 7 2 7 3 8 4 8 5 7 6 8 7 8 8 7 9 7 10 8 Table two shows that there was a small difference between performance of the two groups, suggesting that having no music playing in the background at all slightly enhances performance of a task, compared to having fast music playing. The results clearly show that having slow music being played in the background dose not improve performance of a task as the average for slow music between the subjects was, 5.4 words, where as the slow music which was thought to relax the subjects average was, 7.4 words. Where no music was present the average was 7.5 words. The aim was to find out whether performance was affected by music, these results shows music is a factor in the concentration on performance of a task in a negative way. ...read more.


A good range of results were found, the aim of the experiment, to find out weather the presence of fast or slow music affects a task was found, and the results are clear to understand. There are many directions to go with follow up studies, whether focusing on music or not. A possible future study following on from this could focus on social facilitation as an influencing factor. The test could be carried out in different ways to decrease the pressure factor and competition factor between the students, as with a time limit the students feel pressured, and one participant stated '' I don't want to be the person with the least amount of words found'' even though being told there names and results would not be shown, it still seemed a big factor to the participants. By individually performing the task on there owns may take away some competition factors. You could also remove the minute time limit and just record the time in which the participant finishes the word search, this would remove the stress level to get as many words found in a minute and a more relaxed subject may give more realistic results. Another limitation may be that the song being played in the back ground may be well known, and the subjects may be thinking of the words rather than the task in hand. Overall, the results of my study show that slow music can slightly improve the performance of a task and fast music can worsen the performance. ...read more.

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