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Analyse and evaluate how effectively Ridley Scott creates another world in the opening sequences of the film 'Blade Runner'

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Analyse and evaluate how effectively Ridley Scott creates another world in the opening sequences of the film 'Blade Runner' The film 'Blade Runner' was made in 1982 and Directed by Ridley Scott. It was then re-released as a Directors cut in 1992. It has a mix of genres like thriller, sci-fi and drama. The film starts with the foreword which gives you an understanding of the new world and about the androids within it. The word Blade Runner within this is highlighted in a different font and in a different colour to make it stand out. Scott then jumps you into a long shot of the city , which looks a lot like Los Angeles at night. However, it has been edited with flames and lightning to make it look different. There are also flying cars which adds to the effect of a new futuristic world. From the long shot the camera pans in on the city. There is non-diegetic music that is very relaxing and powerful, however this works to good effect as the picture in front you is of a busy 'evil' city, that is covered in flames and thunder making the city seem depressing. ...read more.


The ceiling in this street is very low and has large concrete pillars and bright lights, and as the street is full of people it makes it very claustrophobic. As many of the crowd have umbrellas this does not help the feeling. The umbrellas also add to the creation of a new world as they have neon shafts. Also the people are dressed in strange clothes that are a lot different to today's. At this point the camera pans in towards Deckard who stands out through the crowds as he seems to be the only American around. Once the camera gets through the crowd staying at a mid shot, Deckard gets called over to a noodle bar and you hear the diegetic sound of rain hitting the road and his newspaper. When he orders his food you hear diegetic dialogue and diegetic sounds of food cooking and crashing sounds you would expect in a busy kitchen. Also the audience would hear that the noodle bar worker cannot speak English, which is strange as once Deckard gets his noodles an begins eating, two policemen come over and start speaking the same language as the noodle bar worker. ...read more.


There is then dialogue between Rachael and Deckard before it is interrupted by the entrance of Dr Tyrell. Tyrell then asks Deckard to do a Voight-Kampff test on Rachael. Deckard then asks Tyrell to dim the lights so he made a electronic sheet come down over the balcony to partially block the light, this shows that the Voight-Kampff test has to be undertaken in little light. As Rachael begins smoking, the smoke swirls in the light and makes it seem a bit less peaceful and more like a detective interview. Rachael is then made to look less perfect because of some of her harsh responses to Deckard's questions. Deckard takes exceptionally long to work out if Rachael is a replicant or not because Tyrell hadn't told her she was a replicant so she fort she was human. This shows how much depth Ridley Scott goes to, to create this new world. Overall I think Ridley Scott creates an new dystopian world very effectively using clever film techniques. However for an audience today it would not seem very futuristic as a lot of the technology is not as advanced as it is now and many of the characters are dressed in 50s style clothing. However when it was first released in 1982, the audience then would have a different perspective of the future than what we have today. Scott Beadle T10 6th June 2005 ...read more.

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