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AS Dance-Unit 2 written evaluation of solo choreography and performance inspiration from ‘Atalanta’ by Dick Onians.

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AS Dance-Unit 2 written evaluation of solo choreography and performance Inspiration from 'Atalanta' by Dick Onians I found the pictures most inspiring of the exam questions, as I found I was instantly developing movements that involve stretching of the material to create tension and shapes, and I felt that this would work well to answer this question. To find out more about 'Atalanta' I conducted my own research about her using the Internet. I found that she was a girl with attitude, who was athletic and pretty. I felt that this was something I need to reflect in my dance. I thought that I could do this by using strong bold movements to reflect attitude, running and fast movements for athletic and controlled, gentle movements for pretty. Once I had completed my research I started to brainstorm using my research, the pictures and the quote given to use. For example I thought of ways I could use movements that are based on the figure like running. I decided that I would try to end my dance with a held position resembling the painting. I decided that I wanted to use freeze frames as I found that Dick Onians is a senior tutor in woodcarving at an art school in London. ...read more.


Start: End: Down Stage Centre, facing front. For section B I felt I needed to change the dynamics to make them faster and stronger so it adds variety. I also wanted to 'emphasize' my movements, reflecting the attitude and athleticism of 'Atalanta' in contrast to the smooth shapes of the actual carving. The music I chose was called 'Double Dreaming' by Philip Chambon, I chose this as I thought that parts of the music symbolised stretching of the material. Also when I first heard the music I found instantly developing my ideas to fit the music. As the question specifically asked for the dance to be performed with 'any sort of flowing costume' I felt that the best option would be a dress as this is what 'Atalanta' is wearing in the images I was given. I needed to make sure my dress would be comfortable to move in so I did not restrict my movements and also so it was not to long so I could fall and hurt my self. I also decided to change the width of my skirt as the first dress was too wide and this did not create tension. I also thought, because I lift my skirt over my head that I would wear tight leggings underneath my dress so that the outline of my body has clearly shown. ...read more.


Also this helped to build on our confidence for our examination. I also performed in front of a mirror so I could see for myself what the movements looked like so I could improve or change them. Because the mirrors showed my movements the opposite way round so I then decided to use a camcorder to video my dance so I could see exactly what I was doing. I found that smaller movements needed to be stronger. Once I had choreographed my dance I kept repeating my dance so that my confidence and movements would improve and so I made sure that I could put all my effort into dancing instead of remembering the dance. Indicated by my music my dance had small climaxes throughout. These were when the music had the 'stretching' sound. Each time the sound occurred I performed a movement echoing the sound. As these were paced throughout the dance it maintained interest and the 'stretching' idea. TIMELINE My performance and choreography were not perfect. There are things that I could still enhance on but in general I was happy with the finished result during the performance. If I had time I would add more variety of movements and dynamics as I felt some parts of my dance was lacking them. ...read more.

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