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Autobiography - This is me.

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Autobiography This is me. Who am I? My name is Kishan Gohil, and you are likely to be in entire bewilderment over me for my entire existence is quite convoluted. I would like to give you a warm welcome. So step in-side my world and discover more about my life, full of sports, technology and entertainment. My life started on a rather early, but hot morning on the second day of August in the year 1990 at 1:30am, I was born a proud and sweaty Leo. I weighed 6lbs, and 4oz and I was the youngest born. My parents were exceedingly happy to see me. My parents chose this name for me because of its religious significance; it is another name of my God, Krishna. Krishna was the youngest of King Vasudeva's eight children, six of whom were killed by his wife's tyrant brother, Kamsa. A prophecy had it, that a child of Vasudeva's would kill Kamsa, and this child was Krishna. If one were asked to describe my personal appearance, they would probably describe me as a 4"9', 15 year old, with fair skin and in my opinion, as fair as the colour cr�me; pointed side burns and short black hair (so that half of my forehead is exposed) ...read more.


own experience from my previous school, the display were the features in the classroom which raised the students' confidence and potential making them want to say "YES! I can do this." Lastly, a lot of land is being wasted and the infrastructure of the rooms in the school is poor. I have only realistically moved school once because of when we moved house and because of the results. My nursery and Primary were joint and they were literally behind my house on the next road. It was called Cleveland Junior School and Cleveland Nursery. So really I was able to leave my house at the last minute and still be there on time. My secondary school was in my catchment area, Loxford school of Science and technology. Year nine was my final year at Loxford, and ended rather well, as on my last day my school planned a trip to Chessington. During these years of my school life, many things have happened, for instance, being in foundation for Maths in year four, I worked very hard to be in higher tier for Maths. I moved up a set every year. I also received a number of certificates before I moved school.thathouses, including this one, All of which I keep in an overcrowded folder. ...read more.


For example, website designing, programming or CDT (Crafts Design and Technology). For my "A" levels, I hope to get grades 1:2 and 2:2. I have not just got a university in mind, but I desire to choose a course which includes today's modern technology. After I leave university, between the ages 20-30 with a good job, I hope to find a wife that is either the same age or one or two months yI will have expectations in my ideal partner but not too high, I hope one that can cook, is religious, has a good personality, is very lively and also has a good job; and after a while, I want two to three children, two boys and one girl. To conclude this, like I said, I am 15 years old; I have lived in Britain all my life and have also been on holidays to many different countries. I hope you have enjoyed reading about me, just as I have enjoyed writing it. I will now finish, leaving a moral which has been passed down many generations in my family, and now, I shall pass it to you: If you want something in life, put your head down, concentrate and go for it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Autobiography 3/11/05 Kishan Yr11 Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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