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Babies and Music

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In a world that revolves around "better, faster and stronger" is it surprising that we are so obsessed with advancing our children at such a young age? Music surrounds us wherever we go. A common saying is that a child's brain is like a sponge, ready to soak up anything thrown their way. A human brain is ready for anything starting at the crucial fetus stage. Brain development is imperative the first few years of life. In the first few years of life the brain begins to develop and form connections, these years are among the most important. A fetus inside the mother's womb can take in sound, which starts the early stimulation and development of one's brain. A child, whether inside or outside of the womb, has a great ability to hear sounds, and given the right type of music, it can have a positive effect on children. Classical music can have powerful effects on children even before birth while inside the mother's womb. Recent studies show that: Children exposed to classical music in the womb show a positive change in physical and mental development after birth. ...read more.


While a new environment is presented at home "we can observe the advantages of the previous prenatal stimulation. Music will help to organize this development stage" (Federico). If we play for an infant the "background music that was played during the pregnancy, while the baby is resting, these melodies will recall intrauterine listening, giving a feeling of security and trust. It is suggested not to sing the same song while feeding and bathing, lest the different feelings be confused. It is possible that one night if babies hear the same song they will be unable to interpret if this means they will be fed or bathed"(Federico). Newborns have the ability to recognize music played while in womb even perk up or fall asleep when hear a familiar song (Brody). It is very important to choose the right type of music for your baby. The effect that music had on a child whether inside or outside of the mothers womb all depends on the type of music and how it is being transferred towards the infant. Choosing the wrong music can have negative effects. ...read more.


Playing the same music from birth, your baby will recognize it bringing pleasant association and it will bring the baby back to the safe period inside the womb. The music therefore will relax and comfort your baby (Brody). According to Dr. Brewer, research shows that musically stimulated babies seem to develop more quickly, talking up to six months earlier, and have improved intellectual development (Robledo). "This development refers to the increase of spatial understanding needed to complete suck tasks as jigsaw puzzles. Spatial intelligence is also imperative in activities such as higher brain functions of mathematics, music, and chess"(Robledo). There's plenty of research showing how "classical music has a stimulating effect on the body and mind, which in turn can lead to improve physical and emotional health, and can help the development of new born babies"(Robledo). Infants have a lot more going on than we can by just looking at them. Infants have the ability to comprehend so much when they're so little. Every sound that a baby is opened up to helps the development of that child throughout his or her life. Leah Aiello Mrs. Gershon English 2A 12 May 2009 ...read more.

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