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Baraque music

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Baroque period music!!!!!! * Baroque music had originated in Italy, around the stages of 1200-1300! * The main baroque instrument was the fugue. * In Holland and Germany the composer there tended to use the organ and voice mainly. * A person who had influence most people was Arcangelo Corelli. * His music had spread around Europe. * Baroque music was used for ballroom dancing. ...read more.


* Arcangelo Corelli (a famous composer) who's style of music on the violin became famous, so famous that he had played for the queen of Switzerland. * The music had traveled from Italy to Germany. * It was not until 1600s when baroque music came to England. ...read more.


ZELENKA - Prague, Dresden 1680-1762 - Francesco GEMINIANI - Italy, England 1681-1767 - Georg Philipp TELEMANN - Germany 1683-1764 - Jean Philippe RAMEAU - France 1685-1757 - George Frideric HANDEL - Germany, England 1685-1750 - Johann Sebastian BACH - south Germany 1685-1757 - Domenico SCARLATTI (son) - Italy, Spain 1692-1766 - Unico Willem van Wassenaer: the mystery composer - Holland 1712-1786 - John STANLEY - England ...read more.

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