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Blade runner - film review.

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Blade runner is an enigmatic movie, which brims with symbolism and hidden messages. This amazing movie was directed by Ridley Scott, which deserves an even higher status that that of any other average sci-fi movie. The film is dream-like, futuristic, artistic yet powerful and conveys many hidden messages through the narrative story. Purely on the surface it has visual richness, which is incredibly atmospheric and thereafter is further enhanced by the mysterious, futuristic and starry music by Vangelis. The captivating sounds orchestrated by him draw you into the vision of the future, which is a sprawling technologically advanced metropolis. All these factors collaborate and culminate to the breathtaking climax, which is the killing of the first replicant Zhora The film revolves around the main character Deckard. He fulfills the role of an ex-Blade runner. A Blade runner is a specialised detective who hunts down and executes or rather 'retires' replicants. Deckard is portrayed as a typical Dick Tracy detective, with his large trench coat and the thirst for liquor and when he needs to hide himself he sinks his head into a newspaper. He is a very mysterious and peculiar character and up until now, we have been unable to ascertain whether he is really a replicant or a normal human being, however this is revealed in the climax of the movie. The scene begins with him entering a bar and we know this as he says "Bartender where is Taffy Lewis". We also get the sense and impression that it's not only a bar, but also a very high-class brothel due to the clients within it. There is a mish mash of Asian, British, Chinese & Hispanic people that attend the bar. Looking at the females who predominantly occupy the bar and their attire suggest once again that it is a very elite brothel. They all seem to be dressed in formal cut suits from the 1940's era, and also seem to be wearing large broad hats with veils covering their eyes. ...read more.


Zhora hits him in the neck, which sends Deckard flying towards the wall and we view this from a side camera- shot. Zhora then stands over him and pulls on his tie in order to strangle him and whilst she does this she hisses at him like a snake. The camera angle is also from below looking up at Zhora's face and this shot emphasizes the aggression released by Zhora and the camera angle also helps put you in Deckard's position and makes you feel the pain and agony that he is going through and gets you involved in the action of the movie. There is also Asian music, which is eerie and is playing in the background and this emphasizes the metaphor that Zhora is like a snake malicious and evil and thus attacks her victim when you are most vulnerable like that of a snake. Zhora then grabs her coat, which is clear/ transparent and thin. The camera then cuts and you see Zhora running out of the bar and into the street, two seconds later Deckard runs out and chases her down. As he runs through the streets there's a constant hustle and bustle of people talking and cars as well as street noises. The camera then follows Deckard as if you are Deckard and are looking for Zhora as it spins round and round and up and down. As Deckard walks through the street you see a whole host of different people and cultures. You can also hear besides the normal chaos of an average street, a person playing an Indian or Asian type of flute. Deckard first runs into a group of poor and impoverished Chinese men and knocks over their carts he then runs onto the road and you see him blocking a taxi from driving as he continually looks all over to find Zhora and just to the left are more Chinese people who are wearing fancy muffs and have their faces painted white. ...read more.


Thus the replicants were designed with a mind and body but with no soul because they were not born and allowed to develop emotion and therefore were unable to react to new situations. Memories might supercede experience as the root of human existence if not for the example of the replicants. Each replicant has synthetic memories, which were implanted during their creation. If memories were the basis for humanity then replicants are not any more human than that of a human being, but rather equal to humans. Instead, replicants are designed in the interest of slavery to show no emotion. Their memories are data instead of past experiences. Experience creates memory of reactions to situations. When a person subconsciously relates past and present experience the present emotion is determined by past reaction. Ridley Scott depicts this allowance through the identification tests given to determine the status of possible replicants. The interviewer gives the subject e.g. Leon hypothetical situations and asks for the first reaction which comes to the subject's mind. Replicants are identified because they cannot react with emotion. A replicant will answer with logic or not at all due to its inability to relate through the essence of humanity, experience. With only memories and no comparable experiences, the replicant does not know the exact response. We as humans can determine an answer by relating the hypothetical to a memory of a past experience and our emotional reaction. Genetic engineering poses a threat to this natural ability. If genetic engineering develops to the extreme, parents may be able to design their children. As this process advances humanity could become more and more alike, endangering the diversity of human experience, memory, and reaction. Thus the three main messages is that, firstly we must stop wiping out other species, secondly what is humanity and what makes you human and lastly what will happen when man advances technologically. Together with the other hidden messages and agendas that I have stated above makes this movie an excellent sci-fi film, which stands tall amongst the rest of the average sci-fi movies. Neehal Mooruth 11 A ...read more.

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