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Choreography Programme Notes.

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Choreography Programme Notes The title of my dance is 'Heartbreak'. it is a duet with Rebecca Zak to a piece of music called 'Cry me a river' composed by Justin Timberlake, Timothy Z Mosely and Scott Storch. My dance is about a relationship that breaks up because one person cheated on the other. The characters are played by Rebecca and I. the man who cheats is played by Rebecca and the woman is played by me. In the beginning of the dance we are together as couple. During the dance we break up and he leaves. I got inspiration to choreograph this dance from the video and lyrics to 'Cry me a river'. They made me think about how a person feels and reacts to a situation such as this. I incorporated these thoughts into my dance to try and create a realistic effect. Whilst thinking about my inspiration I also came up with a motif for my dance. Passionate relationships often involve quite a lot of praying. For example, being grateful to god for having your partner, praying for forgiveness or praying to god asking for your partner back. ...read more.


I also think that slow dances can more easily show emotions of the dancer. I chose a contemporary style so that the audience can find it easier to relate to the situation. If I had choreographed it in a historic style for example, the audience would find it more difficult to understand and relate to the story line, as society has changed a lot since the olden days. I chose not to use a contrasting dynamic as I did not feel it would have been relevant to the story, nor would it have fitted into it. I used a couple of chorographical devices whilst making up the dance. The ones I used were improvisation and chance. These helped as they gave me more ideas for movements within the dance. I listened to the music and then improvised a dance to it. I recorded the moves I thought would look good and had a go at putting them into my dance. For the chance method, my partner and I rolled a dice with different moves for each number. ...read more.


I then use movements to show that I am upset such as sitting with my head on my knees. I think my dance went quite well when we performed it. Nothing went wrong, apart from that I forgot a movement at the end of dance, which I improvised at the time. There was a part that I decided I didn't like, when me and Rebecca spun past each other. Although I am keeping that move in my dance as I feel it is relevant to the storyline. I feel that I could improve my dance by adding a contrasting dynamic or by using an ABA method. This is because I think the dance could get a bit boring as it is the same speed and style all the way through and by adding these techniques it could add a bit more interest and energy to the dance. I also think that it could be improved by changing and modifying my motif more often throughout the dance so that it is more obvious to the audience. If I were to perform this dance properly to a larger audience I would also improve the costumes by giving Rebecca a more masculine image and myself something slightly more comfortable to dance in. Kerri - Anne Pattison ...read more.

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