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Could you please tell me the popular 'Adavu's' names, how many steps are in it and the beats?

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Could you please tell me the popular 'Adavu's' names, how many steps are in it and the beats? Dear Mrinalini , Here's a list of common Adavus. Different schools of dance perform them with slight variations. You could also check out some books that will tell you more about Adavus. You could try 'Laghu Bharatam' - Volumes I & III published by Shree Bharatalaya, for a detailed description of the adavus with illustration of stick figures. Mohan Khokar's book 'Adavus' is another reference work. 1. Thattu Adavu - Thaiya thaiyi 2. Naattu Adavu - thaiyum thath- tha thaiyum -tha 3. Pakka Adavu / Meetu Adavu - Taa thai thai tha 4. Kudhitha Mettu Adavu / Mettu Adavu - thai-ha thai-hi 5. Kutha Adavu / Etta Adavu - thath-thai tha-ha 6. Shutru / Bhramari - Thath thai thaam, dhith thai thaam 7. Thaangidu thathadhina Series a. Mandi Adavu b. Karthari Adavu - thai thai-dhath tha c. Shimir Adavu - thai thai-dhath tha 8. Theermana Adavus a. Thai dhi dhi thai / tha dhing gin na thom b. Kita thaka thari kita thom 9. Jark Adavu - thai-ya thai-yi 10. Sharukkal Adavu 11. Mei Adavu 12. Thattu Mettu 13. Uthplutha / Thalaangu / Jumps 14. Bhramari / Turns 15. Nadai / Walk THE ADAVU (or Adaivu as the author prefers to spell it) ...read more.


The classic mentions 13 postures of head, 36 of the eyes, 9 of neck, 37 of the hand and 10 of the body. editor@kutcheribuzz.com Over the years, Shri Adyar Lakshman has choreographed a vast number of dances compositions. His items are well noted for their striking rhythmic passages and sensitive portrayals. Dance Compositions of Bharatha Choodamani TITLE SONG RAGAM Invocatory Item Pushpanjali Nattai Khanda Alarippu Tisra Dhruvam Nandichollu & Sivadhyanam Todayamangalam Ragamalika Stuthi Pancharatnam Ganaragam (Ganesh Stuthi) Sri Vighnarajam Jathiswaram Saraswathi Saraswathi Hemavathi Hemavathi Varali Varali Aabogi Aabogi Poorvi Kalyani Poorvi Kalyani Sabdam Thillaiambalam ( Smt. Nagamani S. Rao) Kamboji Swarajathi Sambasivayanave Varnam Nee Inda Mayam Dhanyasi Swami Naan Undan Natakuranji Enthanine Kamas Danike Todi Viriboni Bhairavi Mohamana Bhairvi Dasavataram Ragamalika Nityakalyani Ragamalika Sundaranga Suddha Dhanyasi Slokam Parthasarathi Madhyamavathi Simhasanastithe Ragamalika Ananda Natamaduvar Thillai Poorvi Kalyani Tiruparam Kundravela Sri Saraswathi Meenakshi Kalyanam Skanda Leela Ragamalika Padam Chinna Chinna Paadam Kapi Kshirasagara Devagandhari Kautuvam Ganesha Natesha Meenakshi Talattu Neelambari 3 Ragam Tanam Pallavi composed for Ananda Valli Sachidanandam Varnam Tanam Varnam Ragamalika Javali Chelirunetlu (Composed by Sri.Rama Rao) Thillana Mohanam Mohanam Sankarabaranam Sankarabaranam Hindolam Hindolam Masil Ayodhiyil (Composed by Smt. Nagamani S. Rao) Ragamalika Kathanakutuhalam (Composed by Smt. Nagamani S. Rao) Kathanakutuhalam Pancharagam, Panchagathi Bheda Andal Pasuram Kannan madura geetham Hamsanandhi Nadanai (Composed by Smt. Nagamani S. ...read more.


This is an art of great thought, heart, and mind. Whenever I'm watching performance of Bharatanatyam my heart is full of appreciation for the dancer who is like a messenger between the Supreme God and the soul. With all my respect to the Bharatanatyam art Srivani dasi Infodrive Presents classical Indian Dance : BARATA NATYAM on cdrom. Dancing seems to have touched the Indian heart in a deep way.Bharata Natyam is exquisite and ancient dance form reformatted and enhanced with the creative contribution of several exponents of this art,including great composers and teachers of Tamil Nadu.Madras based info-drive has created a CD-ROM that introduces you to this extraordinary art form. We invite you to experience its joys.Please vist us at http://www.infodrive.com/ Infodrive 91. V.M. Street , Mylapore Chennai Tamil Nadu India 600 004 (91)(44) 4985003,(91)(44) 4983244 (91)(44) 4985704 infodrive@epages.webindia.com Welgate video is a member of Welgate Group of Companies, a 20 crore business group based in Trivandrum, Kerala. Mr. K P Varghese is the Managing Director and Mrs. Deepa Varghese is the Director of the group. The group was initiated by Mr. K P Varghese with National Video Complex in 1982. In 1987 the Welgate Audio Complex was started For more information on Welgate Videos visit : http://www.welgatevideo.com Welgate Video (P) Ltd National Video Complex Building,Vazhuthacaud Trivandrum Kerala India 14 91 - 471 - 321133 , 91 - 471 - 321133/3311 welgate@epages.webindia.com ...read more.

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