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Creating a Music Track in Cubase

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Creating a Music Track in Cubase Jamie Maunder 12CAL Introduction: We were set the task of creating a music piece in the music software programme Cubase. Drum loop: I started by creating a drum loop for my piece. For this I used the internal drum editor. The drum editor allows you to display a pattern of various drum sounds (Bass drum, High hat, Snare drum etc...) on a grid to create the desired drum loop. ...read more.


I set this to a time signature of 04/04 as my drum loop also followed this signature. I then recorded my bassline by clicking record on the transport bar and playing the individual notes of my bassline for 4 bars. After recording the bassline the instrument sound can be changed. This is done by using the GM/GS/XG Editor located in the edit option at the top of the screen. I decided the best sound for my bassline would be that of a Fingered Bass. ...read more.


I changed the instrument sound of my chords to that of an organ. Melody: I inputted the melody of the piece by using the same method I used to inputted the Bassline and chords. I used channel 3 to record the melody and made sure the metronome was at a time signature of 04/04. The tempo of my piece was set to 130 and I found that trying to play the melody at this tempo was difficult. I slowed the tempo down to 100, which made the task much easier. The tempo adjustment is located on the transport bar. I changed the instrument sound of the chords to that of an Electric Piano. ...read more.

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