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Dj equipment

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DJ Setup Assignment In this assignment I will be looking at buying a complete mobile DJ setup to suit my needs, within a budget of �3000. I will be looking at advantages and disadvantages of different formats and their respective equipment. I will also have to assess what genres will be predominate in my sets and how my system will have to be adapted to best compliment them. Different music formats There are 3 main formats that people mix on today, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl Turntables .Vinyl is an analogue recording format which means the audio signal that is produced is of a better quality than its digital counterparts. This is because vinyl is not constrained by the sample rate of the recording like digital formats. It means a far more accurate reconstruction of the sound wave can be produced by vinyl than a digital recording. .Vinyl turntables are generally less expensive than their CD counterparts, a good quality Vinyl turntable can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of a similar standard CD deck. .Many people argue there is a better control over what the song is doing, is it a much more hands on approach with no latency, this is particularly important when scratching for example, where being comfortable and feeling in control of manipulating the audio is very important. .Also a certain credibility is held in many circles for those who mix on vinyl still, particularly in certain genres (hip hop, reggae, etc...), image is a very important part of being a performer and can set artists apart from competitors. ...read more.


The 3 band EQ is needed to have enough control over the equalisation of the tracks to make them sit over one another without clashing. Effects are a bonus not necessary but used well are very effective when mixers tunes in and out. .A good Quality Microphone and Headphones A good quality reliable set of headphones are essential as they need to be able to give a loud enough high enough quality representation of the track to the DJ, so that it can be heard over the main club speakers and the monitors when on. Also choosing a reliable microphone is very important as it is going to suffer serious ware and tare being passed around and potentially dropped by performers. It is also important to select an appropriate of mic for the job, probably a more durable dynamic style mic, a condenser would be too sensitive and fragile. .Set of speakers capable of big bass maybe subwoofer Having speakers that can cope with the tracks and mixes you play is vital as however good the mix and the tracks are if the speakers cannot handle the output it will sound terrible. Also included in this is a set of monitor speakers that can stand out over the main output in the booth and give a good representation of the mix as its happening with minimum latency. Relying on the system in the venue is risky, it would be better to have reliable system that I know is perfectly suited to the styles of music. ...read more.


Also monitors and headphones need to be able to be heard over the main system by the DJ and MC's. Long term ear damage is also a concern when looking at issues caused by high volume. Live MC's In most of these genres a live MC is a big part of the performance, so a system that can cope with a vocalist to be included. This could be by buying a mixer with a mic channel or using a spare channel on the mixer. Also important is a good quality mic with a good vocal response. Atmosphere can play a big part Apropriate decoration, lighting lasers etc... can add a whole new dimension to the experience and can really give a performance a professional edge. For this I think the right lighting could work wonders but the wrong lighting etc... could have the opposite effect, and make you look amateur. Would probably be best to buy good equipment or nothing at all. Track selection One of the most important parts of DJing. New releases are coming out everyday and a good DJ needs to keep on top of these and at the same time have classics that everyone knows and loves. The right mix of classic tunes and cutting edge releases is what will give you the edge on other DJ's. Also having a broad enough selection of tunes to take the set wherever you want to go with it is important, stop the set becoming stale and samey. ...read more.

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