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Early Dance Music From Renaissance To Baroque

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Music Homework Early Dance Music From Renaissance To Baroque (It has 2 main explanations I found in my dictionary and changed in to my words) End of Middle Ages: the period in European history from about the 14th through 16th centuries regarded as marking the end of the Middle Ages and featuring major cultural and artistic change Classical revival: the cultural and religious spirit that characterized the Renaissance, including the decline of Gothic architecture, the revival of classical culture, the beginnings of modern science, and geographical exploration. ...read more.


The tango is a very set dance you would picture a lady with a rose in her mouth. The texture of the music is quite thick and the tempo is quite fast also. Dance music From The Club Scene Dj-ing is becoming very well known and extremely popular, almost enough to even overtake live shows with real bands. Dj-ing and sampling are used together a lot of the time and the main features used by a dj are a set of turntables or decks with vinyl records and a synthesizer. ...read more.


There you can go into huge clubs and see some of the world's most famous dj's scratching at their decks. If you want to go out anywhere with your mates this is probably going to be the music played there. The dance style I would say is probably the most undefined and free style because wherever you are, there's a different style for this music. Hip-Hop started becoming famous in the 80's and has started to go slightly out of fashion now with lots of hot R n B artists appearing at every turn. ...read more.

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